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By: Salon Bright  06-Dec-2011
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Is teeth whitening safe for everyone?

No, nursing or pregnant women should not undergo any type of teeth whitening treatment. People with major dental issues should also not undergo teeth whitening treatment.

How long will the results last for?

After in-depth research by dentists using professional dental whitening products, it is recommended that if you wish to maintain your bright white smile, any dental whitening treatment should be repeated every 6 to 12 months. Although some people selling teeth whitening products will lead you to believe your results will last years, this has been found to be not true in most cases.

Will teeth whitening work on crowns, veneers, fillings, and dentures etc?

Unfortunately no, teeth whitening will not whiten non-natural teeth; however, the Salon Bright teeth whitening treatment will help to restore your non-natural teeth back to their original shades.

Can I drink coffee, red wine etc after whitening?

We strongly advise that you do not drink coffee, red wine or any other substance that may cause staining of your teeth for at least 12 hours after whitening treatment in order to achieve maximum results.

Will teeth whitening treatment hurt at all?

Any teeth whitening procedure may cause slight sensitivity after treatment. If this does occur it will soon subside and certainly does not affect everyone.

Will teeth whitening damage my teeth or gums?

Salon Bright’s safe formulation of carbamide peroxide is non-acidic and breaks down into oxygen and water to ensure safe penetration of the tooth enamel to find stains and oxidize them clear. Salon Bright ensures a precise dosage level of peroxide combined with a unique formulation of products to prevent gum irritation and tooth sensitivity.

Is Salon Bright supported by dentists?

Yes, Salon Bright is the direct result of a group of dental professionals, both dental laboratory technicians and dentists who have come together to create a safe and effective teeth whitening treatment. Salon Bright is endorsed by dentists, used by dentists, and developed by dentists and dental laboratory technicians. Visit for more information.

Is Salon Bright teeth whitening affordable?

Yes, the full Salon Bright treatment comes at a total cost of $69.00.

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