Undergraduate Review Released

By: Salient  05-Apr-2012

All parties unusually cooperative.

Victoria University has released the initial outcomes of its 2011 Review of Undergraduate Degrees, which are now up for a second stage of consultation.

The document is the product of a consultation process which took place last year, where VUWSA submitted on behalf of students.

The students’ association are running an online survey—a link to which can be found on their Facebook page—to gauge their members’ feelings on the proposals.

The paper’s recommendations include standardising the points system across different degrees and including more internships and exchange programmes in courses.

VUWSA President Bridie Hood described the proposals as positive for students overall.

“Many of the views and concerns that were brought to light in the initial student submission have been integrated in to this document,” she said.

Hood said she was particularly excited about the creation of a common points system between degrees to reduce confusion, the focus on effective use of learning technologies to engage students, and support for first years to transition into university-level study.

She was also positive about the suggestion of co-curricular programmes, as well as opportunities for placements, internships and exchanges to give practical experience related to undergraduate academic courses.

Hood said VUWSA had been involved in the review through having student representatives on all of its working parties.

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