Tires - Saab

By: Saab  06-Dec-2011

Tires - Saab

Tires: the link between you and the road..
Tires have a major role in the handling quality of your Saab, which has a direct impact on your safety.

To start with, your car requires adapted wheels, in terms of tire width, of wheel diameter, of load index, but also in terms of speed rating. Your Saab has been certified with a selection of tire and wheel dimensions, only these ones could be fitted on your car.

Then, of course, your tires must be in good condition, without any deformation or tear, but also with an adequate tread wear. A tread in good condition is necessary to maximize tire performance and to help avoid aquaplaning.

Don´t hesitate to contact your Saab Authorized repairer to get a full check of your tires.

Tire pressure control: the mandatory step to get the best of your tires, for a long time
Tire pressure is a main safety item. Consequences of low pressure could be:
- handling of the car is deteriorated
- braking distances are getting longer in case of emergency braking
- tires are deteriorating prematurely
- in worst cases, a tire could be over-heated causing a fast deflation at higher speed

It is recommended to check every month tire pressure, including the replacement wheel, and then fully enjoy your Saab. Also, tire pressure should be adapted to the load conditions of the car, so whenever you are leaving on vacation with a fully loaded car, or anything on your tow bar, think about adapting your tire pressure accordingly.

Tire pressure should be checked when the tire is cold, and a hot tire should not be depressurized.

In addition, tires that have been correctly balanced and with a good alignment between each others will have a longer life. That is also why the expertise of your Saab Authorized Repairer is so important.

Saab Authorized Repairers can propose you the best known tire brands; don´t hesitate to contact your Saab repairer to check the condition of your tires!

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