Our best work to date

Our best work to date from Routercut & Laser

By: Routercut & Laser  03-Feb-2015

All of our cnc lasercut, or routercut material projects are our best work. From the smallest lasercut pieces, to the biggest multi-media mix of 3D shapes, and works of art. We put our many years of knowledge and skill into every item we make. Please visit our website gallery page for some examples of what we can make from flat stock materials. We work with many other businesses in bringing many projects to life. Our part of a job usually comes after all the design work has been completed, all the drawings done, and ready for either the final product, or an initial test piece. Once we cnc cut, or lasercut the object - whatever it might be, from a big 3D sign, to a little model part, it may then be finished, sanded, and painted and installed at it's final location.

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