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By: Robin King  05-Apr-2012

RKA has operated as a cleaning service provider for 39+ years. Over this period we have developed procedures and systems to undertake the following services which have become our core business:

  1. General Cleaning: wet wiping all surfaces to arms reach, dusting higher surfaces using a magnetic wool extension duster, wiping of glass, mirrors, partitions, picture frames etc. wash down of cupboards, drawers, benches, fridges, microwaves, ovens exteriors, basins, sinks. hygienically cleaning toilets including urinals, pods, cubicles. antibacterial wiping of door handles, taps, light switches, push plates on doors. vacuuming either spot or full all carpeted areas, mopping all vinyl/tile floors.
  2. Carpet Cleaning: using specialized shampoo formulas, deodorizing agents, anti-static treatment, flea treatment, upholstery shampooing and deodorising.
  3. Strip and Polishes: scrubbing back old polishes and applying fresh coats of specific polishing agent for specific floor coverings; i.e. vinyl, tile, marmoleum, terrazzo.
  4. Buffing: brush pad or soft buffing pads which brings a shine to vinyl, polished wooden, marmoleum floors.
  5. Window Cleaning: interior and exterior, partitions, mirrors, some glazed surfaces, pole reaching, blading and buffing.
  6. Sanitisation of equipment: Computer keyboard clean and sanitise, telephone clean and sanitise, clean of control areas of photocopiers, fax machines etc.
  7. Rubbish Disposal: RKA use bags in specific colors that relate to our company i.e. Jade Green for general rubbish, Black or White for food waste and hand towels (compostibles), small white or black for personal bins, blue for recycling (paper, cardboard, plastics).
  8. Recycling: Govt3, plastics, glass, paper, card, Compostible hand towels, food waste.