Rethinking Crime and Punishment - Newsletter Archive 2011

By: Rethinking Crime And Punishment  05-Apr-2012

Below are our 2011 newsletters

  • Rethinking and its people
  • A personal message from Kim Workman

Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Problem Solving Courts – A New Direction for Criminal Justice?

  • Gerald Waters – Drug Court Advocate
  • Adult Drug Court nearly here – by Ross Bell
  • Are domestic violence courts working for indigenous people?
  • Are We Ready for a Problem Solving Approach to Crime?
  • The Role of the Church in Justice Reform

Justice Sector Forecast: What's in store?

  • Justice Sector Forecast predicts lower crime rates and less imprisonment
  • What will the Changes Look Like by 2014 – 2015?
  • The Next Three Years - What Will We Be Asking?
  • Does Increased Offender Diversion Reduce Crime?
  • Does Having Less People in Prison Threaten Public Safety? Does Prison Work at All?
  • Political Parties Release their Justice Policies
  • Structural Discrimination in the Justice System

There has to be a Better Way: Alternatives to Imprisonment

  • New resource: There has to be a Better Way
  • Expanding Community Sentencing Options
  • What do the Public Really Think?
  • The Importance of Judicial Discretion
  • Restorative Justice - Is it cost effective?
  • Addressing a Driver of Crime - the crime costs of child poverty in New Zealand 

Maori Overrepresentation in the Criminal Justice System: Who Can Help?

  • Maori Helping Maori
  • Philanthropy Helping Maori - Toward Social Impact Investment
  • The Police Helping Maori
  • The Government Helping Maori - Addressing Structural Discrimination

Would Justice Reinvestment Work in Kawerau?

  • Addressing the Drivers of Crime for Māori
  • Working Paper: Drivers of Crime for Māori
  • Māori Interventions into Māori Offending
  • Smart Reform is Possible – Reducing Incarceration Rates and Costs while Protecting Communities
  • Truth in Justice - How Accurate are Telephone Polls on Public Attitudes toward Crime and Punishment?

The War on Drugs - 40 Years On

  • Scenes from the War on Drugs - 40 years on
  • Portugal: Doing things differently
  • Time for an Exit Strategy: Ending the War on Drugs
  • The Home Front: Drugs in New Zealand
  • Punishment vs Treatment: Why we should care

A Rethinking Recap

  • Truth in Justice
  • The Speakers' Bureau and Youth Justice
  • The Young People's Forum
  • Rethinking contributes to Circles of Support and Accountability

Aspects of Justice - Retributive or Restorative?

  • 'Improving the Transition' Report and the case for Restorative Justice
  • Aspects of Justice – Retributive or Restorative? Where Lies the Balance?
  • The Killing of Osama bin Laden
  • Victim Impact Statements: Some Concerns about Current Practice and Proposed Changes
  • The Struggle for Ownership of Conflict
  • Do Victims Benefit from Engaging in Retribution?
  • The Case for Restorative Justice

Doing Good Justice in Bad Times

  • 'Prison is a moral and fiscal failure' - Hon. Bill English
  • 'Doing Good Justice in Bad Times: Toward a Fiscally Responsible Criminal Justice Strategy'

Critiquing the Logic of Imprisonment

  • Our Response to the Looting in Christchurch: Rethinking our Reliance on Imprisonment
  • “Tough on Crime” a Waste of Time — let's be effective instead
  • Walking into the Future Backwards: Reflections on Youth Institutionalisation
  • New Research from the Justice Policy Institute: Addicted to Drug Courts

Will the Real Criminal Justice Policy Please Stand Up

  • Minister of Corrections and Police – Address to the ACT Party Conference
  • 2010 Race Relations Report - Three Strikes and the Removal of Prisoners' Right to Vote
  • Imprisonment and Human Rights - an essay by Dr Elizabeth Stanley
  • Garth McVicar - Justice: Speaking Up for Crime's Silent Victims
  • The Power of Penal Populism: Public Influences of Sentencing and Penal Policy - a thesis by Tess Bartlett
  • Kim Workman: A Different Journey
  • What Makes Juvenile Offenders Different From Adult Offenders?
  • Pre-Charge Warnings – Alternative Resolutions: An Evaluation Report

Rethinking Election Year Special Edition

  • 2011 and Beyond – Is Criminal Justice Policy at a Tipping Point?
  • The Politics of Punishment: Rethinking interviews Professor Nicola Lacey
  • Justice Reinvestment: Success Stories from the US

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Rethinking Crime and Punishment - Newsletter Archive 2012

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