Rethinking Crime and Punishment - Newsletter Archive 2010

By: Rethinking Crime And Punishment  05-Apr-2012
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Below are our 2010 Newsletters:

  • Arming the Police - Managing Sentinel Events Sensibly
  • John Buttle: The Case Against Arming the New Zealand Police
  • Californian Attitudes to Crime and Punishment Changing
  • Howard Broad: Ambitious Work Forecasts Drop in Crime
  • Gangs - Suppression or Support?
  • "The Toughest Prison Unit I've Ever Been In" - Remembering Pat Lewis
  • Criminal Procedure (Reform and Modernisation Bill)
  • Traumatic brain injuries among Corrections populations: implications and intervention strategies
  • Murder Most Dreadful
  • From Outlaw to Citizen: Transitional Experiences and Status Change
  • Kim Workman and Hon. Judith Collins on Gangs
  • New Scottish study: User Views of Punishment
  • New UK Report: Rebalancing Local Economies – Widening economic opportunities for people in deprived communities
  • Highlights from the Prison Fellowship Conference 2010
  • The Long March: The Sallies, the Mob and the fight against P
  • New Youth Justice Legislation: the most significant amendment since 1989
  • New Police Statistics released: Family Violence rates are up and it's a good thing
  • New NZ study: Not in My Backyard? Crime in the Neighbourhood
  • New US study: Effect of Mental Health Courts on Arrests and Jail Days
  • New UK research: The Reality of Short Term Prison Sentences
  • Prisons and policing prioritised over people during economic crisis
  • The Story of a Wounded Healer - Jackie Katounas
  • Prison Increases the Risk of Adult Re-Offending – NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research
  • How to Make Legislation without Really Listening
  • Editorial: A criminal situation
  • The Political Exploitation of Victim's Rights Groups
  • Sarah's Law: let's look before we leap
  • Can the Offender's Levy be made to work?
  • Researcher appointed to 'Rethinking Crime and Punishment' project
  • Simon Power - Interested in an Inquisitorial approach to child abuse cases
  • Turning the Corner - Beyond Incarceration and Reoffending
  • The current prison population
  • Prisoner Health
  • The Health of Prisoner's Families
  • Opportunities for Improvement - the Whanau Ora Strategy
  • Dan Kaitapu - the life of a Maori offender and his transformation
  • Tamariki Ora – a new beginning - an emerging Maori movement against family violence and child abuse, and
  • Te Kooti Rangatahi - An innovative response by Principal Youth Court Judge Andrew Becroft and the Youth Court of New Zealand toward Maori youth offending
  • DVD “Crime and Punishment” – now available for sale
  • Introducing the Robson Hannan Trust and its board
  • Why a separate legal structure?
  • Our goals over the next three years
  • Rev Ron Givens former Head of the Prison Chaplaincy Service in California has experienced first hand, the impact of three strikes on prisoners and their families. He visits New Zealand next week to share that experience with the New Zealand public
  • Maxim Institute’s report “Criminal Injustice and the Three Strikes Law”, written by Professor Warren Brookbanks and Dr Richard Ekins, examines the proposed legislation and recommends that government make a number of key amendments
  • Craig Carpenter’s article “,Three Strikes and You’re Out in New Zealand: Getting tough on violent crime or “get tough” on political rhetoric.”, traces the history of three strikes in California and New Zealand
  • The Church and Social Justice - is History About to Repeat Itself?
  • Reducing Assaults on the Police - What Works?
  • Conversations with Matua – reflecting on the history of Prisoners Aid and Rehabilitation (PARS) – and its lessons
  • Review of Victim's rights - What are the Submissions Saying?
  • Media 7 – SST’s Views on Crime and Punishment
  • Shane White – Prodigal Child. Jailed for murder at the age of 16, Shane currently manages a health provider organisation
  • TV One Documentary “Crime and Punishment - stirring the law and order debate
  • “The Fear Factory” A UK documentary on the realities of imprisonment, and the deliberate manufacture of public fear, is creating waves in the UK
  • Imprisonment in the 21st Century - Victoria University Mini-Symposium draws a fine speech from Rahui Katene MP
  • Conversation with Matua – Matua comments on the withdrawal of legal aid for prisoners appearing before the Parole Board
  • Restorative Justice – A Change is Gonna Come. A look at the evidence for restorative justice, and the wide support for its expansion
  • Imprisoning Children. The UK Standing Committee for Youth Justice, reports concerns about any efforts to increase youth imprisonment
  • The Hidden Victims - How do Children Respond? Verna McFelin and Pillars, share their groundbreaking research on the impact of imprisonment on NZ children
  • Three Strikes Bill - Rethinking shares its submission to the Law and Order Select Committee
  • Conversations with Matua - The first of a new feature. Rethinking takes a light hearted look at the lives of those who are acquainted with the justice system, with life in prison, and their perspective on the world
  • UK report on Prisons recommends reducing imprisonment - The UK Parliament Justice Committee urges government to reduce prison populations by a third
  • Six important "Crime and Justice" events taking place over the next two months - don't miss them
  • Our Local Hero - Sam Chapman
  • Death of Democracy by Three Strikes
  • Life Without Parole
  • The Rush to Punish - Will it Ever End?
  • Texas - No Longer the Hanging State
  • Does the public support three strikes?
  • The closure of Te Hurihanga
  • Faith based prisons and their effectivness.
  • Chile's APAC programme - ten years of transforming lives and prison units

Keywords: Prison

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