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By: Redr Nz  05-Apr-2012

September 1, 2011 / RedR NZ

October 3-29, 2011
(Apply by September 29, 2011)

The Introduction to Disaster Risk Management course is the introductory course of the World Bank Institute's e-Learning program on disaster risk management. The objective of this course is to familiarize development practitioners with contemporary concepts and practices in disaster management and contribute to the paradigm shift from re-active to pro-active approaches in this cross-cutting field of development.

This introductory course addresses basic questions such as "what are to be considered natural disasters?", “where do they strike the most and how?”, “what are the components of disaster risk management?", "who has a major role to play? Is this at national level, local or international?",  "Do communities have a say?" and "Where do you find resources and the knowledge and capacities needed to reduce the risks?".

To address those complex questions, the course starts with establishing a common language and understanding among development practitioners, this should improve the collaboration among different disciplines and integrate risk reduction considerations in any kind of development plans and decisions. The course also stresses the many different components of a comprehensive Disaster Risk Management system, from recovery and reconstruction to preventive measures both at national and local levels.  It also reviews the institutional arrangements and financing mechanisms of disaster management systems, and identifies the role of national and local actors in the processes related to risk assessment, mitigation of risks, and financing.

The course will cover the following topics:

(i) Module 1 Introduction to Disaster Risk Management - basic concepts of Disaster Risk Management, Players and Terminology;

(ii) Module 2 Prevention, Relief and Reconstruction: from Vulnerability and Risk Assessment to Damage and Reconstruction Needs Assessment;

(iii) Module 3: Introduction to Safer Cities, Community Based Disaster Risk Management and best available tools to enhance resilience.

Target Audience: Development practitioners and others interested in Disaster Risk Management–preparatory course


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RedR NZ - News - news,listing, ,dr marilyn waring guest speaker at pacific womens watch nz agm

We are most fortunate to have her address the meeting on her recent experiences in Solomon Islands and also as a very highly regarded specialist consultant in many South-East Asian And Pacific Island countries. A warm invitation to attend the 2011 AGM of Pacific Women's Watch to those concerned with status of women and girls in the Pacific region including New Zealand.