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By: Projectx Technology  06-Dec-2011

ProjectX Technology » Made from New Zealand

We could try something like this: ':country', :controller => :locations, :action => :show,
 :country =>'|'))
map.region ':country/:region', :controller => :locations, :action => :show,
 :country =>{|c| "^#{}" }.join('|'))
# /lib/routing_extensions.rb
module ThongKuah
module Routing

  module RouteExtensions
    def self.included(base)
      base.alias_method_chain :recognition_conditions, :path_regexp

  # allows recognition for paths only matching the given regexp (conditions[:path])
  # allows recognition for paths not matching the given regexp (conditions[:not_path])
    def recognition_conditions_with_path_regexp
      result = recognition_conditions_without_path_regexp
      result << "conditions[:path] =~ path" if conditions[:path]
      result << "(conditions[:not_path]=~path).nil?" if conditions[:not_path]


# /config.environment.rb
require 'route_extension'
ActionController::Routing::Route.send :include, ThongKuah::Routing::RouteExtensions

So now we can go : ':country', :controller => :locations, :action => :show,
 :conditions => {:path =>'|'))}
map.region ':country/:region', :controller => :locations, :action => :show,
 :conditions => {:path =>{|c| "^#{}" }.join('|')) }

Note we can have negative matches as well. I’m sure the Regular expressions gods can do a negative match use Regexp only, but hey.

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