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By: Probity Consulting  06-Dec-2011

“Empirical data have shown that the cost of services are inflated by 30% to 80% because of waste – that is, the processes are riddled with activities that add no value from the perspective of the customer”

Michael L. George, ‘Lean Six Sigma for Service’

Probity pride ourselves in partnering with our clients to assist them in developing robust and effective Process Management and helping them identify and implement significant improvements to their processes.

Our service offering includes consultancy services and training.

Process Management

Do you understand the performance of your core business processes?

Do you measure and monitor performance against customer requirements?

Process management establishes ongoing accountability for managing entire cross-functional processes to satisfy customer requirements and process goals. Systematic methods and tools are used to understand, assess/monitor, control and improve end to end business processes, resulting in cost saving and / or improved customer service.

Probity can:

  • review your process management system;
  • provide process management training and support to staff; and
  • establish a process governance framework for you.

Process Improvement

Probity has assisted clients in identifying and implementing improvements to their business processes which have realised significant financial benefits.

If you think that your business would benefit from review and improvements to key processes and you want to generate benefits that do not require investment in technology then talk to us. We can provide:

  • an initial review and improvement roadmap;
  • process improvement training and support for your staff;
  • deliver process improvement projects for you.

Process Mapping

Process mapping assists clients to understand their businesses and is a foundation for process management and process improvement.

The Probity dynamic mapping tool can help your organisation generate simple, linked process documentation to use to understand processes, provide training and set up control plans. Probity can provide:

  • a process mapping framework (from ‘helicopter view’ to work level detail);
  • process mapping training and support for your staff;
  • deliver process mapping for you.

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