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By: Platform  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Mental Health

NGOs provide the frontline of the mental health and addictions workforce.  They have largely developed their own workforce and now employ a skilled and competent mix of professions and support workers from Maori, Pakeha, Pacific, Asian, and many other backgrounds. 

The clinical mental health and addictions workforce is dwindling worldwide (Gorman et. al. [2009] Review of health workforce education funding in NZ) therefore NGOs and the government must develop new strategies and increase investment in order to retain relevant skills and qualities in their workforce.  Many NGOs have already made a significant investment in their own workforce development, yet find they must now raise the bar in order to retain this investment. With limited resources these NGOs will need to turn to creativity and collaboration in order to plan for a sustainable mental health and addictions service into the future.

Workforce Development Initiatives Platform Contributes To


  1. Working with service users
  2. Working with Maori
  3. Working with families/ whanau
  4. Working within communities
  5. Challenging stigma and discrimination
  6. Law, policy and practice
  7. Professional and personal development 
  • Takarangi competency framework (for engaging Maori)
  • Real Skills Plus Seitapu (for engaging Pasifika)
  • Real Skills Plus CAMHS (for child and adolescent services)

Relevant Links

The survey details information about the Not for profit mental health and addictions sector in NZ, specifically detailing qualifications, age, gender and the types of work people did within their organizations.
A New Zealand provider of learning and development for people working in the mental health and social service sectors.
Te Rau Matatini supports M?ori workforce development to enhance wh?nau ora, health and wellbeing. We provide national and local workforce policy, research, training, career advancement, bursary programmes, scholarships and regularly updated information and resources for people accessing or working in health both now and in the future.
The aim of the Werry Centre is to improve the mental health of children and adolescent people in New Zealand through workforce development.

Keywords: Mental Health

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