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By: Pinz  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Technical Assistance

PINZ is an internationally recognised leading project management and consultancy services company with special expertise in education, human resource development and capacity building. We also deliver projects in health education and training, finance and governance, government reform, monitoring and evaluation, and program design and review.

We are able to lead or partner on all levels of social sector and educational projects from primary and secondary education through to higher education. We have successfully completed and delivered over 100 international projects and programmes, ranging from small short term and technical assistance projects to large, multi year, multi site projects.

Our Approach

A key feature of the PINZ approach, to development and project management, is a focus on service delivery, based specifically on client needs. PINZ is equally at ease working with institutional policy makers through to local communities. This ensures beneficiary participation at all stages of the planning and implementation process bringing more sustainable results. The way in which PINZ team members work reflects the Company’s overall approach to client services, which emphasises:

  • International best practice;
  • Locally relevant activities that build on what works for each country;
  • Sustainable systems reform and capability building
  • Participatory involvement of project stakeholders; 
  • Applicability of detailed and workable project systems;
  • An integrated approach; and
  • The importance of flexibility at all stages of implementation.

Above all, the PINZ approach focuses on skills transfer and capacity building. While specific project outputs are paramount, sustainable skills and knowledge transfer are always key objectives.

PINZ institutions deliver over 2,000, quality assured, assessment based, technical and vocational training programmes from certificate level to post graduate programs, which are recognised internationally.

PINZ can introduce and develop a total programme and curriculum beginning with consultation and engagement programmes with key industries and stakeholders, through to development and delivery of quality assured, national economy relevant training and education programmes.

We also have considerable experience in the development and implementation of work based, classroom and online assessment methodologies.

PINZ works with clients to develop proposals for the concept, programmes, resources and systems to establish a higher education institution. Our teams provide costed reports and implementation plans and then if required manage the establishment of the institution and run the institution under contract for an agreed period. 

PINZ has extensive international experience in building capacity and strengthening educational institutions, organisations, communities and social programs and government ministries.

Our approach involves deliberate and managed interventions to: review and improve procedures, upgrade skills and strengthen organisations. Our approach is not just from a people and procedures standpoint but also financial management and governance: to enable  organisations, ministries or institutions to achieve their development and growth goals, whilst building ongoing and self sustaining skills and capacity. This facilitates meaningful and long term benefits and change. Human resource development, not simply systems and processes, is thus a key part of institutional strengthening and strengthens those institutions.

PINZ has especial experience in the job skills and work creation, technical training and education, vocational and recreational areas.

PINZ provides demonstrated international expertise and capability to assist you whether on a national or country basis, a systems basis or within individual or clusters of institutions or private training establishments.

From the design of quality assurance policy and frameworks, through to teacher, assessor or evaluator training and monitoring, to online and paper based policies, documentation and manuals, PINZ can design and then implement a system that works for you.

PINZ institutions have over 50 years experience and involvement in the development and management to both national and localised, quality assured qualifications frameworks.

This experience includes the development of national qualifications registers and engagement with key institutional and sector stakeholders in the development, buy in, and implementation, of new or revised frameworks.

PINZ has experience in social sector and community reforms ranging from law and order programs, community policing, to work based skills development. With New Zealand’s world leading transparency in local and central government processes and programs PINZ is uniquely positioned to assist and lead in the development of reform and social policy setting and framework development.

PINZ provides English for Special Purposes (ESP) language courses, and curriculum for specialist courses of study such as nursing, engineering, ICT to full degree and post graduate curriculum design, on sale and customisation. PINZ sources or develops, or monitors: quality assured , curriculum, teaching and learning materials.  We develop blended delivery models for new curriculum, for a range of teaching and learning electronic platforms. We can then train the trainers, and provide professional development for trainers to teach and assess these programmes.

Our English for Specific Purposes (ESP) products are based on learner-centered approaches to teaching English as a foreign or second language.  They are designed for adult learners and TVET trainers or trainees in a range of working and training contexts, who need to learn a foreign language for use in their specific fields of work or further training.

PINZ has extensive international experience in providing  consultancy and technical assistance services preparatory to the development of large scale tender or RFP programs. 

PINZ Institutions have a wide range of experience in the delivery of programmes and training in the health sector including medical imaging, nursing, mental health, health sciences, midwifery and physiotherapy. This experience extends to practical and applied training and education programmes from certificate to bachelors level qualifications, that have specific on the job training in the workplace.

PINZ develops or facilitates offshore or onshore, formal or short courses, and customised health education and training courses and programmes of study from undergraduate to post graduate levels.

Study programmes

PINZ shareholder and member institutions including Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs), Colleges of Education, Universities of Technology and Universities provide integrated English language (if required) and undergraduate and post graduate programmes of study with nationally and internationally recognised courses and programmes of applied study.

Study tours

PINZ arranges education and health sector study tours of institutions and regulatory agencies. This generates an understanding of the framework and delivery of higher education, health, general education programmes, qualifications recognition and quality assurance frameworks.

PINZ delivers courses, monitoring and certification of PTE and tertiary insitution adult teachers. We are involved at any and all stages of the process as well as reform of overarching systems, policy, institutions and processes under which they sit.

In Bangladesh PINZ is working in partnership with Danish firm Grontmij Carlbro to develop and improve systems and then down to a hands on level, deliver training to over 200,000 pre service and in service secondary school level teachers.

PINZ can facilitate and manage access to a wide range of English Language training courses including English for Special Purposes, (ESP) delivered either face to face in a classroom setting in New Zealand or in the international location of clients. We are able to replace or augment this delivery with interactive online and face to face online coaching programmes to facilitate accent, listening and speaking skills.

Foundation programmes building study skills and basic mathematical, science or industry specific language skills are also developed and delivered.

PINZ conducts pre purchase due diligence, post purchase review as well as with transformation strategy and implementation plans to transform existing (or acquired) state or privately owned higher education institutions into best practice, first world centres for education and training.

In addition to the design and establishment of higher education and TVET institutions PINZ is able to review and/ or enter into short to medium term contracts to take over the complete operations of an institution and manage it on the client's behalf, or work alongside local management in a shared accountability approach.

PINZ will use its significant expertise to take ownership of a programme or project. This can include partnering, facilitating, managing and supporting local organisations, ministries and communities, augmenting and providing missing or underdeveloped skills and expertise; leading to cost effective, sustainable, long term outcomes.

We will provide resources directly and or engage sub contractors as necessary to produce and operate to agreed budgets, manage stakeholders and deliver outputs that meet required project outcomes.

PINZ assesses the implementation process of a project or activity (mid or post project) to identify the actions required to correct problems. It includes the processes of collecting, analysing, recording, reporting and using management information about the physical and financial progress of a project. The focus is on the activity and output levels of the Logical Framework hierarchy of objectives. Input monitoring may also be required in some circumstances. Monitoring is a core management responsibility during implementation.

PINZ conducts macro economic analysis and reports for multilateral development agencies and governments.  These projects and reports provide a comprehensive review of the national economy and social conditions.  We analyse social institutions and their relevance for economic decisions, and then look at the governance issues of economic institutions.  Economic policy is developed in collaboration with government and non-state actors to support reform agendas as well as medium-term development perspectives and address emerging economic issues.

New Zealand is widely acknowledged as operating one of the world’s most efficient assessment and examination systems, managed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. PINZ works with international government ministries and training agencies to develop reform programmes that look to improve quality, efficiency and efficacy in examinations and assessment.  This is with standards or competency based assessment in formal educational and work place settings, as well as for norm referenced examinations and achievement based assessment in middle and senior secondary schools.  Further capability development and capacity building for implementation of quality management systems and internal review is also a key component of PINZ work.

Keywords: Technical Assistance