Website Audit and Performance Analysis for Higher Returns

By: Outcome Group  06-Dec-2011
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A website audit and performance analysis will give you the information required so you can make the changes needed to turn your site into generating amazing sales and marketing results for your business.

Most websites fail to deliver the results their owners want. As soon as you realise that your site is not delivering results take immediate action. The longer you leave it the more your site will cost you in lost opportunities and profitability. A website audit and analysis will empower you with the information you need to improve your website's performance.

Why do websites fail?

There are a number of reason why websites fail, but ultimately it will come down to just two factors:

  • A lack of Promotion, resulting in not enough people coming to your site
  • A lack of Engagement, meaning that visitors to your site feel alienated and can't make a connection with you and want to leave.

If you think your website is failing, do something about it. Your website presents a fantastic opportunity for you to generate more business. A website that is first promoted and then engages your visitor will be an amazing success (except of course if you are trying to sell something for which there is absolutely no market!).

How do You Create a Successful Website

With our website audit and analysis we can give you lots of help about how to promote your website and how to engage the visitors that arrive at your site. Here are some of the areas that can really improve results:

  • Online promotion:
    • Offline promotion:
      • Word of mouth, viral marketing, ensuring your web details are on all printed material, postal marketing
    • Engagement:
      • Focussing on the needs of the visitor, creating a one-to-one relationship, building trust and credibility, ensuring there is a unobstructed sales/fulfillment path, ensuring your site is professionally designed using a standard format and is well designed.

    What will a website audit do for you?

    A website audit and analysis will tell you what is holding your web site back from delivering the results you want. Our website audit will provide you an action plan to remedy those elements.

    A website audit will involve:

    Technical analysis: We will analyse your site from a technical perspective to see if there are any technical faults that is preventing your web site from performing.

    Content analysis: Content is often the last thing that is thought about during the site's development. During our analysis we will examine how well your site engages visitors to your site. Is your content compelling enough to take action? Also, is there a call to action?

    Business strategy review: At this stage we will discuss your business objectives and their alignment with your web site.

    Promotions review: This review will focus its attention on the promotions you are currently actively engaged in and the type you should be doing according to your industry type.

    Conversion analysis: A conversion analysis looks at how well your pages convert visitors. The analysis will look at your conversion ratio (the number of sales or enquiries you get per page view).

    Action plan: The action plan will summarise the things that you can immediately work on to start changing the performance of your web site. This plan will prioritise the action points, so you will know the most important things to work on first.

    Unless you are trying to sell a product that nobody wants, your website can become a high performer within your business. A website audit and analysis will provide you with a sound basis to make the right changes.

    Our Guarantee

    We guarantee that if you don't get a significant improvement in results after implementing the findings of the website audit we will give you your money back. If we cannot provide you with some significant area in which you can improve your web site then we will not charge you. It is as simple as that. What do you have to lose?

Keywords: Sales and Marketing, Web Site, Website Audit

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