Social Development Partners focus « Social Development Partners

By: Nzfvwo  06-Dec-2011

Social Development Partners focus « Social Development Partners

On September 1 we launched our new name, Social Development Partners, at a special party following our AGM to herald in our new name.  Members, staff and guests gathered to welcome in the new-look organisation and to say farewell to our old friend and former name, the ‘Federation’.

Many have welcomed the bright new look that Social Development Partners brings with it together with its new focus—a dual recognition of social development and people before profit, together with a spirit of partnership, acknowledging that we can achieve more by working together.

We’ve put together a positioning document which sets out how, now as Social Development Partners, we expect to work to achieve our goals.

Tony Mayow, our outgoing President, says that our change from NZFVWO to Social Development Partners symbolises the journey we’ve been on, and the direction we intend for our future.

“We think it also encapsulates and represents the messages and future for our members and the sector. And for me, it’s a major personal highlight of my Presidency.

“We took this issue out of the too hard basket it had legendarily languished in, shook it and us around, and after long, hard work, we sorted it!”

Tony also says that along the way it has helped us to comprehensively review our strategic direction, set new priorities around social enterprise and ICT development for ourselves and our sector, and most importantly update and reaffirm our vision, mission and values.

“Some of us who saw the name change as a destination, now know that it’s actually the start line.

“We still have to revamp our constitution, review our structure, constantly improve ongoing communication collaboration and mandating with members and our partners to ensure we add maximum value, but we have a firm framework within which we will progress.”

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As community organisations, we all know that social change and development is long term, so we have a commitment and responsibility to engage in long term agendas, as well as looking to immediate issues to manage the present situations. This has been the basis of collective thinking in ComVoices, and together we have developed a paper called Communities Count, which lays out some united priorities for the community sector for a new Government.