Rustkill & Paint System for Roofs

By: NZ Roof Tranz Ltd  04-Apr-2011
Keywords: Roof Painting, Roof Restoration, Commercial & Industrial Painters

   Our method of Rustkill & Paint System:  Apply by spray, 2 coats of Tergo Blackguard rust converter & primer to the whole area of the roofing iron & flashings. This chemically converts and passivates rust present on the surface to a black film which resists further corrosion and seals the treated area in a vinyl acrylic copolymer, which forms a glaze over the whole surface of the roof, preventing penetration of water & oxygen, and providing a primer for the top coats. Due to its low viscosity and rust conversion properties, it rates extremely high with the basic tenet of protective coating systems – that is, the better the surface penetration the better the results. Tergo Blackguard is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and is New Zealand Food Safety Authority Approved.

Keywords: Commercial & Industrial Painters, Roof Painting, Roof Restoration, Rustkill and Paint System for Roofs,

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