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By: Norfolk Enterprises  05-Apr-2012

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After the 2011 year events, we know all about natural disasters. earthquakes, floods, and other catastrophic events often lead to power outages and loss of communications. The dynamo torch makes sure you are in contact and in power…

Wind Up Dynamo and Solar Powered Torch, Radio, Cellphone Charger

NOTE:- The FIVE mobile phone charging adaptors supplied are suitable for most but not all makes and models. Refer below for more details..

    Essential for:- 

  • Home 
  • Workplace
  • Emergency Survival Kits
  • Tradesman
  • Car - Van - Truck
  • Roadside Emergencies (tyre change - accidents)
  • Camping
  • Camper Vans
  • Caravanning
  • Hunting
  • Tramping

 'Be Ready' for any emergency, natural disaster,
  power outage, earthquake, flooding etc.

See how the Dynamo torch can help you….  

  • There’s nothing more annoying to find yourself in the middle of a power cut, only to finally locate your torch and  find the batteries are flat !.
  • Well, now you will never be caught out in the dark again because the solar powered and wind up touch will light up your life and solve the problem….The solar power (by day) and the crank function (by day or night) are your power sources. No batteries to worry about, when they are low you just recharge them. It can get you of trouble again and again.!
  • Want to keep up the news, weather, sport while you are camping, tramping, fishing?  The dynamo torch also contains a high quality AM/FM radio with aerial that will bring in the signal loud and clear.
  • In an accident situation, the dynamo torch also has a loud audio alarm, and a flashing red light function that will help to attract attention, and lead to getting help when and where it is needed.
  • Mobile phone battery dead with no power outlet for miles around? Charge your mobile phone without power…. Hook up your phone using one of the five adaptors provided, and crank the handle. You will be pumping power into your phone from the first turn.
  • After the past year, we know all about natural disasters. earthquakes, floods, and other catastrophic events often lead to power outages and loss of communications. The dynamo torch makes sure you are in contact and in power...


  • Solar/Wind-up torch is always ready to light the way! Use anytime, anywhere, without an external power source.
  • You don't have to worry about batteries anymore because this torch has a built-in battery charged by solar panel and rotating the handle 
  • Eliminate the possibility of fire and throw away those dangerous candles
  • Tune into the AM/FM radio with aerial.
  • Charge your mobile phone without power (not suitable for all makes and models)
  • Siren with red blinking light is helpful in an emergency situation
  • Attract attention when in potential awkward situations (lost in the bush, accident)
  • Bright easy-to-find yellow casing
  • Will help you out of more than one tricky situation.
  • When charged all you have to do is turn it on and hey presto.. let there be light, music, emergency siren, blinking light and a mobile phone charger.

Some Interesting Facts:-


Samsung and Nokia (standard adaptors for newer models) plus Micro USB, Mini USB and Female (standard USB) adaptors. The mobile phone adaptors supplied are suitable for most but not all makes and models.... It will not charge an i-phone.... Alternative charging leads not included.

NOTE:- The standard output voltage for a wind up torch is 3.6volts. An i-phone requires a constant output of 5volts to charge the battery.

Before winding, turn off all functions.. Times may vary depending on winding speed

One minute winding supports upto....Lighting 20 minutes - Radio 4 minutes - Siren 2 minutes
Fully charge a flat battery upto........Winding 30 minutes - Strong sunlight 8 hours
Fully charged, supports upto.........Lighting 10 hours - Radio 4 hours - Siren 1.5 hours
Mobile Phone battery charging………..One minute winding supports up to 2 minutes talk time

3 LED lights have approx a 10,000 hours life span
Radio Range - AM 540-1600KHz - FM 88-108MHz
Built-in Battery - rechargeable Ni-Cd 300mAh, 3.6v

The torch itself:- 190mm long x 82mm wide x 100m high
The box that the torch comes in:- 198mm long x 92mm wide x 106mm high
Weight with torch in box 390grams

Torch has a 1 year warranty (All warranty claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase)

DISCLAIMER: While care has been taken in the preparation of this information, no responsibility is accepted for its accuracy of the whole or any part hereof.

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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