Nightingale Properties - Services

By: Nightingale Properties  06-Dec-2011


The greatest service that we offer owners is peace of mind.

Our services include:

Tenant Selection
We will

  • Advertise and show prospective tenants through the property.
  • Interview and screen suitable tenants; this includes carrying out credit and reference checks.
  • Notify you of the selection.
  • Complete all necessary documentation, including preparing a Tenancy Agreement.
  • Receive one week's rent, plus three weeks' rent as bond, before the property is removed from the rental market.
  • Lodge bond monies with the Ministry of Housing Bond Centre.
Rent collection and monitoring
  • Rent is paid into the Nightingale Properties Ltd¬† Trust Account by automatic payment.
  • Rent payments are monitored daily. If a tenant falls in arrears, a ten-day notice is issued. (This forms the beginning of the Tenancy Tribunal process).
  • Rental funds are paid by direct credit into the landlord's account at the end of each month.
  • Council and water rates, body corporate levies, and any other related expenses can be paid on owner' behalf.
  • Monthly financial statements are provided, detailing rents collected and payments made on the owner's behalf. These are sent to the owner electronically, but may also be posted out.
  • End-of-financial-year income and expenditure statements are prepared.
  • Rent increase negotiations are conducted regularly.
  • A detailed inspection of the property is undertaken and a full report, including photographs, is prepared at the beginning of the management of a property¬†
  • Regular inspections are conducted throughout the tenancy.
  • Inspection reports are supplied to the owner following each inspection.
Property maintenance
  • We organise maintenance and repairs.
  • Maintenance includes cleaning, lawn mowing, plumbing and electrical services, and any other normal, general maintenance required to keep a property to an acceptable standard.
  • We have our own team of reliable and efficient tradespeople to carry out necessary repairs.
Dispute resolution
  • We prepare all applications for dispute resolution under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.
  • We attend mediation, and if an issue is not resolved to a satisfactory level, we attend Tenancy Tribunal court hearings.
  • Any outstanding debt is placed with Baycorp Advantage Ltd, a debt-collecting agency.
Keeping you informed in a changing marketplace
  • To provide the best possible service, Nightingales aims to keep all owners informed on the latest developments in legislation, regulations and market conditions.