Vivitonin® - Product Overview

By: Msd Animal Health  05-Apr-2012

Vivitonin - Leading the way to a healthier old age.

Vivitonin enhances the quality of life in aging dogs. Not only does it increase oxygenation, but it also improves cardiovascular function and neurological performance.

Is an aged dog barking at night? Does it not recognise its owners? Wanders aimlessly in the garden and appears lost?  Started defecating or urinating in the house which it has never done before? Has an enthusiastic dog slowed up and lost interest in going for walks?  Does he/she seem breathless when it gets back from a walk? Is the geriatric dog less tolerant of other dogs or even people?

All of these symptoms (alone or together) can be an indication of early senile changes or poor systemic oxygenation.

Vivitonin can go a long way to alleviate this age related deterioration.

Vivitonin tablets contain 50mg of propentofyllin. Propentofyllin exerts a multi-site action that results in vasodilation and reduced blood viscosity to increase blood flow to the internal organs, especially the brain, heart and skeletal muscles. It also has a bronchodilatory effect improving oxygen uptake. Vivitonin alleviates dullness and lethargy and improves overall demeanour in geriatric dogs.

For use only under the authority or prescription of a veterinarian.

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