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By: More Concepts  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Project Management, Management Principle

More Concepts has a number of project applications to help you manage your projects.

Control your business - Project Portfolio Manager (PPM)

PPM allows you to view the health of all your projects at a glance. It enables your entire portfolio of projects to be reported in a consistent manner and consolidated with ease. Whether your company manages one or hundreds of projects, you’ll know which are performing and which aren’t.

Since we deliver this capability as a web service, you can utilise the system 24 x 7, from anywhere in the world. This enables you to work on the project specifics or view reports at times convenient to you. For example, you might be on business overseas, and wish to obtain a report or work on the project details. No problem, just log on and operate the system over a secure link.

Project health can be measured using a combination of metrics and detail, or if you don’t have the time, just one ‘all inclusive’ metric. These metrics focus the general management to the issues that need addressing.

Our systems utilise the ‘earned value’ concept, developed in the 1960’s by the US government and subsequently adopted by the Project Management Institute as best practice.

The key to professional project management - Earned Value Tracking (EVT)

The US government created the ‘earned value’ management concept after a major defence budget blow out in the 1960’s. The concept is simple and easily deployed, and revolves around integrating the measurement of physical progress with planned budgets and actual costs to derive ‘earned value’ and ‘performance factor’ metrics.

Some large multinational companies have been practicing earned value project management for decades. The US government procurement policy prescribes the use of earned value systems for agencies undertaking project work. The Project Management Institute (PMI) have endorsed the approach as worlds best practice.

Project management professionals distinguish their pedigree by working earned value systems into projects they are responsible for. They use their experience, innovation and skill to integrate earned value systems on projects without increasing the burden of staff and contractors. They also know that the most successful projects have this integration as part of the project setup as ‘boot strapping’ systems after planning are not as effective.

Our systems are designed on the earned value management principle and enable you to create standardised reports with ease, literally at the push of a button. The system doesn’t make the coffee. We leave that up to the barista’s.

The foundation of project success - Project Scoping, Estimation and Scheduling

To successfully steer and guide a project through to practical completion it is necessary to have the ability to enforce project controls. Project controls stem from the skill of measuring actual performance against planned performance on a regular basis. Planned performance is the combination of all the tasks required to achieve the result in the specified time, cost, and quality.

Our estimation product guides you to think about each task in a simple, methodical way. The web ability of the system facilitates staff in different locations to work on the one set of project information.

Cost estimation requires a logical combination of elements. ‘Work Breakdown Structure’ (WBS) provides one such logic, using a hierarchy of elements and sub elements to capture the tasks. For each element a structured template captures the information across categories such as man hours, sub-contractors, hirage of specialist equipment, and purchase of materials along with descriptions from the estimators to helps others understand the information.

The project systems were designed to be used in conjunction with standard accounting systems. We allow dual Work Breakdown Structures (WBSs) to be used; one that makes logical sense to the project manager for tasks and contracts and another that interfaces into the accounting protocols your organisation requires.

This ‘bottom-up’ approach to estimation is standard for large projects and enables each task to be peer reviewed and challenged, but more importantly it is rich in content and can be reused again for any future projects as a starting template.

Our system allows the utmost flexibility in establishing the schedule. We don’t believe in having algorithms second guess how you want to schedule. We just let your experts ‘optimise’ the workflow – and give them the feature to manually establish the task setups.

Keywords: Management Principle, Project Management