Merino Minnie's hoodie infinity scarf

Merino Minnie's hoodie infinity scarf from Merino Minnie

By: Merino Minnie  14-Apr-2010
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Merino Minnie's longer scarf is made from pure NZ merino wool.

This 'infinity' style hoodie scarf can be worn in many ways.  An infinity scarf is a scarf that is joined in a circle, not a long piece with ends. It can be worn as an infinity scarf just draped around your neck. You can wrap the merino hoodie-scarf two or three times around your neck. You can pull the hood up and wear the merino scarf as a hood and a scarf.

Every Merino Minnie hoodie-scarf comes with a lapel pin for you to adjust the folds of your hoodie. This pin is unadorned. If you wish you can embellish your pin by simply gluing a small 'treasure' to the pin, earrings who have lost their mate are great for this!

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