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By: Matrixone  06-Dec-2011

MatrixOne's talent retention tool, known as Employee Value Proposition (EVP), is a flexible, online survey tool that gives you a complete picture of what motivates your staff and how you can be better placed to target strategies that will keep them in your organisation.

It provides valuable feedback for use in annual reviews, talent retention, employment branding and other human resource management needs.Once you have identified your talent pool, you use the survey to capture insights into the personal value drivers for each individual. Respondents rate how well they think the organisation meets their needs in these areas. The tool also provides a mechanism for managers to supply their perspective on what they see as areas of potential for an individual's development and succession requirements.The EVP tool, as well as providing personalised reports for your talent development and succession requirements, provides a summary report detailing your key people performance indicators and identifying common value dimensions and actions across your organisation. To ensure security and confidentiality for survey participants, the tool is hosted by Fronde Group System Ltd.For more information,

Other products and services from Matrixone


One - Products & Services

MatrixOne has developed a suite of integrated talent management tools and services that help you identify your talent, and then use the information gathered to develop clear succession planning and retention strategies, targeted learning and development interventions and remuneration strategies.


One - Talent Identification & Strategy

The talent identification and strategy tool allows for the assessment of all individuals within a pre-agreed talent pool across a range of core variables such as performance, potential, core competencies, retention, vacancy risk, position criticality and alignment.


Matrix-One - 360o survey

In a few simple steps, you can have a survey built and online that has your own corporate branding, your own questions and a clearly identified list of respondents for each person reviewed, including external reviewers if required.The tool contains some standardised reporting structures to make it easy to review and analyse the results.


Matrix-One - Succession Planning

To provide a complete picture of your organisational talent and link this to succession planning, you will firstly need to identify your talent. You can dramatically reduce your organisational risks by having a comprehensive succession management strategy in place for your talent pool.


Matrix-One - Remuneration

The tool takes information about what individuals are paid, and relates this to market pay for the same position, cross-matching with an individual's talent pool ranking. This tool provides valuable analysis and insight about your remuneration spend, ensuring you are targeting your spend at the right people in your talent pool. The tool is also hosted by Fronde Systems Group to ensure security and confidentiality.