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By: Malatest International  05-Apr-2012

Services | Malatest International

Programme Evaluation

With team members who have over 20 years of experience in evaluation, we offer services in the application of research methodologies and statistical analysis techniques for performance management and programme evaluation studies. Basic features of our approach are the close engagement of our clients, or stakeholders, coupled with flexibility in our methods to ensure our assessments meet the unique needs and situation of the organisations we serve.

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Strategy & Performance

Working with Chief Executives and Senior Leadership Teams, we provide a wide range of skills and experience designed to help organisations identify and improve performance and transform. Jump-starting change and driving resutls, we excel at examining what can enable optimum performance and then advising on the creation of a roadmap to achieve a desired future state.

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Research Services

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Providing leading business services

We seek to collect both quantitative and qualitative data that can provide balanced and accurate information about the current performance the client. Our analysis derives reasonable conclusions that are based on clearly demonstrated facts.
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We understand you want value

  • Our services are designed to directly add value so at any point you are equipped with all the information you need.
  • We use a partnering model and look for opportunities to upskill your team on how we do what we do.
  • As part of our method we include a quality assurance (QA) step to make sure we provide the highest possible value.
  • When working across borders, one of our lead team members will meet you and provide consistency.
  • We use strict project management methodologies in the delivery of your outcomes.
  • Our advisory services provides you with access to international expertise and experience.

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