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By: Makes Cents  06-Dec-2011

Benchmarking is the process of comparing one’s business performance metrics to industry bests and/or best practices from other similar industries. Dimensions typically measured are sales/turnover, gross profit, occupancy costs, wages and other associated business expenses.  As well as net profit, owner remuneration and staffing levels.

Benchmarking is the submission of your financial data anonymously and then it is measured against the median, the average, and the top and bottom 25% of firms in your industry who have also submitted their financial data.  It helps to clearly identify where your business differs from the norm.

If you would like Makes Cents to do Benchmarking for your particular business, please contact the office for further information and pricing.  Remember, Benchmarking is completely anonymous so your business details do not get published for general viewing.

Are you tired of doing your payroll, worried you are not doing it properly, fretting because your manual system means staff holidays and payments are not being recorded correctly.

Do all your employees have written employment contracts as they should?

Shelley Evans is our payroll pro so give her a call and she will be able to help you.

In response to client feed back and because ACC seems such a nightmare for you we are about to launch our ACC Management Service.  For a small annual fee, each year we will do a review of your ACC type and cover, ensure ACC have the correct classification code, and are using the correct liable earnings figure among other things.

For further information and for us to help you manage the ACC “nightmare”

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LAQC CompaniesIf you have shares in a Qualifying Company or an LAQC company now then the only immediate effect will be the depreciation claim on any rental properties owned by the company which will affect your personal tax refunds as above.


Rental Property

Does it need work and money spent on it before renting it out.


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We do not carry out any audits or reviews on financial reports, nor otherwise attempt to verify the accuracy or completeness of the information and therefore, neither we nor any of our employees accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information from which the financial reports are prepared.