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By: Life Education Trust  05-Apr-2012
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Highlights from the Life Education Exercise Challenge - Masterton

The Life Education Fitness Challenge, held in Masterton was a great hit with both children and parents alike.This event was hosted by the Life Education Trust- Wairarapa and South Hawkes Bay Trust. Over 80 people took part in this event as as you'll see from the video below many people experienced both fun and fitness with the family!

For more information about Life Education Trust: Wairarapa and Southern Hawkes Bay Trust .One of Life Education’s early pioneers dies - 13th October 2011International opera singer, sports administrator and Southern Opera founder, Chris Doig, has passed away following his battle with bowel cancer. Mr Doig was instrumental in convincing our Founder Trustee, Trevor Grice, to quit his job at the time and head up Life Education in New Zealand."Without Chris, we may never have started in New Zealand” says Trevor Grice.Doig was made a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in June this year and a recipient of an OBE in 1992 for services to the arts. He was an opera star, artistic mover and shaker, former New Zealand Cricket chief executive and member of the New Zealand Rugby Union board. In a recent press interview Doig said he was treating his cancer as ''another project that I have to deal with''.We extend our heartfelt sympathies to his family.

Harold's Big Day Out

Harold and his helpers from Life Education Trust - Auckland Central, were hosts to over 310 guests who attended the eighth Life Education race day. Many positive comments were received from our supporters and sponsors.

A dedicated team of volunteers worked tirelessly throughout the event, collecting funds via raffles, donations, merchandise sales, plus a watch auction - bringing in close to $6000 in the luncheon area. There was also a whopping $15,000 donation presented to us on the day from the President of the Auckland East Rotary Club.

Terenzo Bozzone, an ambassador of the trust, delivered an enlightening speech and also judged the fashion awards. Terenzo worked hard all day getting bids for the TAG HAUER watch donated by Partridge. He got the bidding up to $1700.

To top off the day, Our horse,Pure Platinum, in the last race proudly wearing our new Harold Racing Silks, won the event by the barest of margins..a dream finish!

The money raised on the day was in excess of $40,000, which will benefit children in the local area. In addition the trust raised awareness in the public arena of what Life Education is all about and the benefits we provide to children.

Trustee Sarah goes 'Outward Bound'

One of our Trustee's, Sarah from our Auckland Central Trust, was the lucky recipient of an experience she wont be forgetting in a hurry, thanks to a scholarship from Outward Bound - an organisation that helps people reach their true potential through outdoor adventures. Sarah kept a record of her days away as she didn't want to forget the experience she had and wanted to share this with others. Her diary is below:

I arrived on Sunday midday with a bunch of strangers down at the Picton ferry terminal. We were then all loaded onto a boat and given our first challenges of coming up with songs and a Maori performance greeting for the Staff of Anakiwa upon our arrival. We were introduced to our groups and we learned our group member names quickly by being made to roll in the mud until we could each individually recite all the group members names! I was very fortunate in being placed in a well skilled group with a vast array of backgrounds. Many of my group members were Christchurch Earthquake victim appeal candidates, whilst another member was a recipient of a Kathmandu Scholarship from being crushed by a train carriage in the Japan earthquake.As soon as we arrived at Anakiwa, we were kept busy non-stop for the 21 days. There was no moment of rest, and yes it true, there were cold showers everyday!! The first few days we sailed in 15ft cutter sail boats. We were spoilt with the weather, as there were high winds which made good sailing conditions. We sailed for three days around the Malborough Sounds, and went to many of the Bays that Captain Cook visited upon his journeys to New Zealand. We spent one night sleeping on the boat which was very cosy with all 12 of us but we managed to straddle the oars across the boat and sleep on those! We spent one night ashore in a lovely campsite and built a bonfire that lasted all night.When we arrived back from sailing we packed the same night to go trekking. We climbed Mt Cullen which had beautiful views from the top. That day was a little overcast and I had never experienced cold weather like that ever in my lift. My hands felt like cheese graters were cutting away at the back of them. Fortunately that was the only real cold snap we had down there. We had clear blue skies right up until we came home which was incredibly lucky and made a huge difference to the morale of our Outbound journeys!!

Upon this trek, we learnt navigational skills and basic bush-craft. We had a guy in our group from the Police who worked for Search and Rescue as well as the Serious Crash Unit. Obviously he had excellent navigational skills which came in handy as we got lost a few times in the bush. Sadly we were not on paved D.O.C tracks, but were literally bush wacking most of the time, until we reached the top of the ridges of the mountains. Once we were up there, the views and hard efforts were well worth it.

Upon our return from the trek, we set out for our Community Service expedition the next day at Mt Cewt. Here we assisted in building D.O.C tracks in a bird sanctuary. The project was a local one which many of the residents in the area assisted with. The days were action packed with building, and we successfully made our mark on the track. One afternoon the temperature dropped so much it started snowing on us!! It was the most bizarre experience to be working in the snow amongst such beautiful surroundings. During our time on this expedition, we camped by a beach at Motatapu Bay. This was a very beautiful campsite, and again we made lovely big bonfires at night time. One night we even made a grill for the fire out of the coils rods that we were using in the construction D.O.C track steps. We grilled our hamburgers on them which were delicious after a hard long day at work!After this expedition, we we went kayaking in rivers up in the mountains. Gosh, that was just beautiful. We were kayaking around Deep Creek and stayed at a lodge up there that Outward Bound own. One morning we woke up and parts of the river had completely frozen over. It was amazing how clear the water was. It was so clear when frozen, we could see the bolders and rocks directly beneath us. I was determined not to fall out of my kayak as the water was absolutely freezing!! We went down on some rapids as well as a waterfall at the end of it which was exciting and so much fun!!!Having arrived back from kayaking, we packed our bags again, and headed out for three day trek. This time we trekked up into the mountains where there was snow. This experience is one I will never forget. The mountains looked so pretty all covered in snow, it felt like we were walking through a fairy wonderland. We had long days on this journey and a few super steps climbs. On the way down, I found it more efficient to slide down the mountain (pack and all on my back)!! This trek had to be the best one I had ever been on, as the views were just magnificent. Absolutely breathtaking.When we arrived back home from our trekking expedition, we were taken out into the bush at 11pm at night for a three night solo. It was scary being dropped off in the bush by yourself!! The rashens they gave us were three apples, three carrots, three biscuits and some scroggin - which was to last us three nights, four days!! "Aaargh" was what I initially thought, however as you are just sitting in one place for a few days, you find that you are actually not to hungry. During this time we had to build a shelter, read particular material they gave us, recover, and just take time to ponder on everything in life!! I was delighted to be picked up though on the last day!!! I had to talk to someone, and realized I really am a social creature :)In the afternoon of our return from Solo, we went rock climbing. This was probably one of my favorite activites. I managed to scramble my way up the rock cliff face, and then to be challenged, our instructor sent me back up blind folded. I actually found rock climbing blind folded much easier than having normal eyesight. I think this was because you could not see what was going on around you, you had no distractions, and had to listen and really trust others and their judgement. This was an excellent learning curve, one I will never forget.We also went on a high ropes course whilst on Outward Bound. The ropes were up 30 meters set amongst beautiful native Kauri trees.I found this activity quite tricky and scary. However, once you fell off a few times, you learnt pretty quickly that the equipment gear works and you need to trust and rely on it!! We had to bound around in the trees with our eyes closed and held on to loose wires with just our feet. This activity really was a "mind over matter" challenge, again another signification learning curve and one I will never forget.Our last few days were packed with activities such as a half marathon across the Queen Charlotte track, theater and music which was really fun. Our group was fantastic and put 110% effort in to any task at hand. Having a synchronished team made the challenging tasks at hand (especially in the Winter) much more manageable and enjoyable.I would like to sincerely thank you, to all the Trustees of Life Education Trust Auckland Central and to the National Office for making this opportunity available to me. I will never forget the lessons learnt, the friends made and belief that "there is more in me".I would strongly recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to attend either a 21 day course or even an 8 day course, take up the challenge. You will experience things you never thought you could possible do, learn lessons for life and make amazing friends who experience the challenges you did.

AWF Group are helping Harold (posted 3/8/11)

The AWF Group have recently become a proud sponsor of Life Education, supporting the vital work involved in preparing children throughout New Zealand to face the challenges that life brings them.

In any one day AWF supply over 3000 temporary workers to over 9000 clients throughout New Zealand. They see too many young people coming into the workforce without hope and motivation to achieve their potential. As a New Zealand business, in partnership with the Life Education Trust, they are truly committed to play their part in influencing the lives of New Zealand children in such a positive way, and moulding the future leaders of New Zealand.

Teacher Direct Life Education Catalogues now available!

Teacher Direct are now supporting Life Education in New Zealand Schools and Early Childhood Centres.

Their latest Teacher Direct Life Education Catalogues now showcase a select range of Life Education endorsed products and 10% of the purchase price of these products goes directly to Life Education to support the health education programme.

2011 - The Life Education Trustees Conference (posted 13/06/11)

The Crowne Plaza was this years' venue for the Life Education Annual Trustee's Conference. Trustees from across New Zealand came together to share ideas, their experience and find out about what was happening over the coming months. During the weekend four of the Trustees were recognised for their achievements and contribution to Life Education over the years. The winners were:

Ian Holyoake: Hawkes Bay (Award accepted by Brian Kelsey, pictured here, on Ian's behalf.)
Ian has been a Trustee for Life Education for many years. From his initial background in Christchurch, Ian helped to get Life Education up and running. He was also a founding Trustee for the Otago Trust before moving onto the Hawkes Bay Trust. Ian is an upstanding member of the community as an Assistant Police Commissioner, who is also heavily involved as a Rotarian on a nationwide level. We have a wonderful story from one of the Trustees where the Trust were working on their float for the Blossom Parade (held every year). One of the Trustees, who was working on the float was in desperate need of some artificial grass to decorate the float as asked Ian if he could help. Well, not only did Ian come back with the artificial grass they needed, but he had pulled this up from his own patio. Ian, needless to say, is highly regarded by his trustees, and they have described him as kind compassionate and caring. One trustee describes Ian and his wife Eleanor as ‘The busiest retired people she knows!'.

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