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By: Legal Empowerment  06-Dec-2011

Change your Attitude!

Does your business have compliance issues? Are you looking to:

  • Improve your communications with regulators?
  • Reduce your compliance costs?
  • Change your corporate compliance image?
  • Minimise stress to employees involved in regulatory investigations?

Attitude! is a compliance programme with a twist. Rather than focusing on the WHAT to do, we concentrate on the HOW to do it.


The programme is based on theoretical principles derived from a number of social-psychological models including cognitive/behavioural, systemic and gestalt. It also utilises theories of emotional intelligence, popularised by the work of Daniel Goleman. Learning is facilitated through experiences, recognition and reflection, rather than didactic delivery. Through a process of developing self awareness of individual drivers and reactions, there comes the possibility of greater choice and flexibility in actions.

Practical Models

The interactive sessions include practical models and exercises designed to teach participants techniques for:

  • developing appropriate communication strategies (written and face-to-face)
    building rapport
  • maintaining composure under pressure
  • building resilient, enduring business/government relationship

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Legal Empowerment - Wellington, New Zealand - Services

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