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By: La Boca Loca  05-Apr-2012

Now you can get your favorite Mexican ingredients from your favorite taqueria!

La Tiendita – the store

You can now buy our dried chillis, Mexican herbs, hot sauces and masa and – by popular demand – our own house-made salsas here at La Boca Loca.

Our famous house-made salsas

Salsa Ranchera – Medium spiced cooked tomato salsa 250ml $7.00
Salsa Verde – Tangy medium spicy tomatillo and chilli salsa 250ml $7.00
Salsa Habanero – Warning: Super hot!! Super tasty!! Super addictive!! 125ml $6.00

Dried Chillies and Herbs

Guajillo Chillies 50g $6.00
Negro Chillies 50g $6.25
Epazote 15g $3.50
Mexican Oregano 15g $3.50

Masa (for making Tortillas)

Meseca White Masa Harina 1kg $9.50


Ibarra Spiced Cooking Chocolate 72g disc $2.50
Or a box of 5 discs $11.50

Hot sauces

El Yucateco xxx Sauce 120ml


El Yucateco Green Habanero Sauce 120ml


El Yucateco Red Sauce 120ml


Tapatio Sauce the “big mama” bottle 942ml

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012