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By: Karen  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Network Performance

To get the best performance from KAREN you may need to make some tuning and configuration adjustments to your KAREN connection or your internal network.

Dial up your network performance

Standard commercial networks often constrain capacity, which means that the performance of your network, hardware and devices may be dialled back to ensure a smooth experience under these restricted conditions.

In comparison, KAREN’s full capacity is there for you to take advantage of, giving you the opportunity to configure your network, hardware and devices to get the best performance possible.

Areas for optimisation

The possibility for significant improvements in network throughput performance can be achieved through turning your attention to the following areas:

  • Host tuning
  • Application settings
  • Network tuning

Identifying problems

If you are not getting the performance or throughput from KAREN that you expect you may have a bottleneck.

Identifying whether you have a bottleneck, what and where it is can be challenging. The best place to start looking is at the KAREN border and work your way back.  In some cases it may be better to work from the end user out.

Solving problems

We have advice and resources on the following areas to help you get the best performance from KAREN:

Keywords: Network Performance

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Network map | Kiwi Advanced Research and Education Network

This map shows KAREN's footprint as it is today, including regional spurs and new international and national connectivity. Distribution routers facilitate connections to the distribution layer. Core switches faciltate connections to the KAREN core. PoP location key and service offerings. Service offerings vary between PoPs. 349 Main Street, Palmerston North. 120 Mt Albert Road, Mt Albert.


Network tools | Kiwi Advanced Research and Education Network

This test is performed from the perspective of a user at Otago University and may not always reflect the experience of other users. Track and understand your connection to KAREN with our collection of network tools. NOC tools for network operators.


NOC tools | Kiwi Advanced Research and Education Network

The KAREN Network Operations Centre's suite of open source tools can help you troubleshoot and measure network performance. The KAREN Router proxy provides KAREN members visibility of core KAREN network components. NAGIOS - measuring availability of devices, circuits and services. MULTICAST6 – IPv6 Multicast Beacon.