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By: James Coleman  06-Dec-2011

In the court stage a Statement of Claim will be prepared to be filed in either the High Court or the Taxation Review Authority. There are pros and cons concerning each of these first instance venues. These will be explained to you and a decision made as to where the proceeding will be filed.

Your case will then be time tabled to a hearing. At the hearing witnesses will be called in support of your case and Inland Revenue’s witnesses will be cross examined. Additionally your case will be put with legal argument. This stage is heavily dependent on your counsel’s court experience. You should make sure that your counsel has considerable experience arguing tax cases at the trial stage. This is because the factual findings made by the first instance trial judge will affect any later appeal.

Obviously at times Inland Revenue’s arguments are strong and the best strategy is settlement. You will be advised as to your prospects of success and if settlement is the best strategy then that will be recommended and managed for you.

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Services Provided by James Coleman - general

He recently obtained a discharge without conviction for a client on 20 counts of failing to file income tax returns with respect to himself personally and a trust in respect of which he was a trustee. James also provides advice relation to insurance matters with respect to negligence in the provision of taxation advice. In relation to collection disputes he acts for and against liquidators in relation to tax debts and debts generally.


Services Provided by James Coleman - tax disputes process

This document must be prepared within statutory time frames and needs professional drafting from someone who is expert in their preparation and ideally who will then represent you at any later Court hearing. After exchange of these documents there is the opportunity for you to meet with Inland Revenue and seek to resolve any differences.


Services Provided by James Coleman - tax investigations

While there is a legal requirement to provide what they seek there are limits to Inland Revenue’s information gathering powers and it is important to make sure that Inland Revenue is only provided with what they are legally entitled to. It is important that you get good timely advice during this stage of the investigation so as to be in the best position possible with respect to the balance of the dispute.