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By: Jam Hair  06-Dec-2011
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At Jam we give you a complimentary band & wax appointment with all new dreadlocks
Two hour dreadlock wind — $350
Three hour dreadlock wind — $430
Four hour dreadlock wind — $500
Re dread — $280
Crocheting / banding & waxing — $80 per hr


Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a custom made and designed set of JAM dreadlocks!!!
Here are some handy hints to maintain your locks:

New dreadlocks:

  • We advise not getting them wet for the first two weeks, as this can reverse the perming process and cause the dreads to puff out and become weak.
  • With all new sets of dreads Jam offers a complimentary band and wax. Jam’s 100% natural dread wax keeps your dreads strong, healthy, smelling great and aids in taming fly-away hair and encourages your new growth to dread naturally ($20 a pot, in both Dark and Light colours.
  • We recommend waxing new sets once every 2 weeks for the first 6 months, then once a month there after.
  • Banding is placing a small rubber band at the base of the dreadlock (wrapped around no more than 3 times, after the dreadlock has been twisted clockwise – to the roots). When these bands grow out they will snap/break off and we advise replacing them (as above). Jam Hair offers this service called Banding and Waxing which takes around 30 minutes and costs $30. Bands can be purchased from Jam Hair for $5 per bag (available in black and white).
  • Jam recommends having your dreads “re-dreaded” every 6 months either chemically or non-chemically.

Chemical re-dread refers to having your loose hairs and new growth, crocheted (threading, looping and re-knotting) back into the dreadlock, then having the new growth permed. This costs $280.
Non – Chemical re-dread refers to crocheting and tidying all the loose hair, without perming. This costs $70 per hour.

Dreadlocks need to be kept clean to promote growth, maintain strength and keep them smelling fresh and clean. At Jam Hair
we can help you do this with our range of dread lock products.

Jam Dread Soap – use to cleanse the scalp, and stop itchiness. Apply to scalp only when dreads are wet, give scalp a good scrub, rinse out with water.
Non-Aerosol Leave in scalp treatment spray – Sense of Relief is made from seaweed extract, iodine and chamomile and helps in the reduction of dandruff and oiliness, and soothes and cools the scalp. Use for soothing and cleansing an oily, flaky, itchy scalp.
Label M – Dry Shampoo – refreshes the scalp in between shampooing. Great for people with long/thick dreads that take awhile to dry/ or if you play sport/go to the gym frequently. It disperses the hairs natural oil build up using rice starch and leaves no product build up, leaving dreads smelling and feeling clean and fresh.

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Keywords: Jam, Scalp

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