Design & Manufacturing

By: J & D McLennan  06-Dec-2011

Designed to fulfill manufacturing needs

Our experience in the design and manufacture of cost-effective, reliable, quality products is proven, having developed a broad range of specialist skills over the years to meet specific industry needs.

No manufacturing job is too big or too small as we have the capacity to handle a variety of projects. We are focused on expanding our workshop facilities to ensure that we continue to expand our capabilities and offer the most complete manufacturing service.

2 & 3D Cad
Professional mechanical engineers
PLC systems and controls

Integrated CAM
Electrical workshop & design services for controls & electrical design


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Custom Fabricating

We are one of the few companies in the Wellington region that offers a full custom design, build and installation service and we are seeing increasing client demand for this comprehensive capability, further enhancing our reputation as the most complete engineering shop in the area. Jet Blast Deflector: a design and build project for a blast shield to protect buildings and allow jet aircraft engine run-up testing.



We can undertake any electro-mechanical, fabrication or structural project in our comprehensive machining, fabrication and electrical workshops using the most precise machines and processes to engineer precision products. Our design and manufacturing teams combine their skills and expertise to design, test and evaluate the prototype in the most efficient, cost-effect and accurate way.


General Engineering

Installation was carried out during the night, taking special precautions such as X-ray scanning of the fixture points to maintain the structural integrity of the bridges to which they were fastened. The production of detailed manufacturing, drawing, fabrication and installation of truss frames for the mounting of motorways signs from the Hutt Valley to Wellington.