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By: IQ New Zealand  06-Dec-2011

Teal CRM is a fully fledged customer relationship management system that consists of six core modules that are the basis for effective and targeted customer management. Teal CRM is integrated within both REX and the MAP Automation Suite to provide a powerful addition to our business management tools.

Customer Contact Information

Contact information is the basis for the entire system. Teal CRM manages customer addresses and contact details that is then used by the other modules.

Document Management

Document Management is completed via the MAP Automation File Manager Module which is a web based FTP replacement that avoids the need for installing software on the PC. It has been integrated into Teal CRM to allow users to upload documents and information to a central store with future access provided from a tab on the customer screen dedicated to shared documents.


This component will facilitate the use of calendar operations such as scheduling meetings, follow up actions, and tracking staff movements.

Communication Management/Diary

Sales Reporting

  • Teal CRM includes a range of standard sales reports
  • Ad hoc reporting in Teal CRM where data is exported into excel and users can then use this to create their own presentations

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