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By: Invoc  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Din Rail

Enclosure Surface 21-way (ES21)

This has been made for upgrading older “Teubels” meter boards from porcelain fuses to standard DIN rail mounting components. The ES21 solves the problem of limited depth between the panel and the cover prevented the cover from closing.

The enclosure is designed to fit onto 18” 453mm wide panels with the back on the MCB’s etc against the panel. By bending the mounting points back as shown in red in figure 1 the front of the MCB’s is 3mm from the front cover with the cover on. The enclosure is kept away from the hinge point to allow the panel to open.

Figure 1 (Top View)

NB. The ES21 is mounted on the right of the panel to improve the panel opening.

The ES21 has a capacity of 21 way which is enough for: Main switch, Water heating MCB, Oven MCB, Sub-main MCB, 3 RCD’s with 9 protected MCB’s, plus 2 extra spaces for other uses. This is adequate for the load requirements of most houses with this style meter board.


  • Low profile
  • Capacity 21 modules
  • DIN rail end and rotation stops
  • Cover, 850 degrees C rated
  • White
  • Steel DIN rail
  • Asymmetrical layout increasing the usable space
  • Size 416mm x 180mm x 58mm
  • Labelling with:

* Tri-section removable backing

* Large circuit description space

* Space for main earth location

* Space to show phase bar links

* Space for installer advertising

* Numbering

The enclosure is also suitable for use on older 18” x 18” interior combined meter / switchboards, allowing simple upgrading from old porcelain fuses etc. The neutral and earth bar can be located under the asymmetric cover giving access to the terminals from the front of the panel.

Conversion Plate (CP1W)

(Conversion Plate 1 White)

This low profile conversion plate is compatible with most commonly used brands of product. (Excluding PDL 800 series) The flat surface on which the fittings sit mean it tolerates a wide range of sizes and shapes. The plates profile reduces the visual impact as well as improving access to the wiring to make termination easier and faster. The slotted mounting holes allow the plate to be moved before tightening so some straightening is possible if required.


  • Low profile
  • Large rear access aperture
  • Size 118mm x 118mm x 9mm
  • Slotted mounting holes
  • Material, ABS plastic
  • 850 degrees C rated
  • UV Stabilised
  • Colour, white
  • Made in New Zealand

Fl ush Clip (FC1)

This two-part clip provides secure mounting for electrical fittings into wallboard 9.6mm to 13mm. To separate the parts release the ratchets from the inside. Then use the template markings on the base to mark the hole cut size on the wall. This will give the main hole size, two cuts will need to be added for around the mounting screws. The base can then be inserted into the wall and the front added to hold the base in place until the fitting is attached.


  • Solid fixing of plates onto wallboard
  • Template markings for wallboard cut-out
  • No back for easy feeding of wiring
  • Compatible with 9.6 – 13mm wallboard
  • Durable two piece construction
  • Colour, white
  • Made in New Zealand

Keywords: Din Rail