IQ Standardiser Product Description

By: Intech Solutions  06-Dec-2011
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IQ Standardiser

IQ Standardiser will also validate, enhance, correct and geographically code addresses by matching it against Address Reference Files (ARF) such as the Postal Address File (PAF), and Land Information data.

Integrating IQ Standardiser into existing and new databases increases the accuracy, consistency and referential integrity of customer information. This facilitates strong customer relationships through increased reporting capabilities, improved direct marketing campaigns, and the ability to make better overall strategic decisions. With well-structured and standardised data in place, an organisation can effectively and accurately consolidate customer records, from multiple sources across the organisation, with real time capabilities.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete parsing and standardisation of customer, marketing and organisational data
  • Enhanced data conversions, database linking and duplicate elimination
  • Append geo-demographic and household data
  • Real time point-of-entry and/or batch transformation and validation
  • Increased mailing efficiencies/reduced postage cost
    • Pre-cleansing of address records
    • Appending of barcode and DPID
  • Improved customer relationships and facilitation of high-quality customer service
  • Seamless and highly flexible integration, including with the Web
  • Extensive Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Totally customisable input, output and processing rules
  • 'Future Proof' Client Server Design
  • Conforms to any database type and structure
  • Unprecedented levels of speed and stability as well as scalable and reliable performance

The above features and benefits ensure that customer data remains accurate, relevant and up-to-date. IQ Standardiser empowers businesses with Quality Information, ensuring the optimisation of CRM capabilities, as well as delivering a consistent and single view of the customer.

Platforms and Interfaces

  • Supported platforms include Mainframe, multiple versions of UNIX, WINDOWS as well as the Internet
  • Supported programmatic interfaces include CICS, cross platform C++ Libraries, Java, DCOM, Win32, and XML based web services.
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Keywords: Programming Interface

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