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By: Ias  05-Apr-2012

IAS technologies and models have been developed and enhanced over many years from in depth research and the practical experience and input from business leaders, academics, organisational psychologists and transformational facilitators.

Through the experience and knowledge gained by participating in a programme, workshop, or coaching session, individuals and their organisations discover new ways of operating and creating sustained results.

Participants are able to develop the ability to recreate these results on an ongoing basis and through our unique content and structure can realise these enhanced levels of personal and organisational performance within weeks.

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Undertake a Diagnostic Phase e.g. pre workshop interviews, 360 feedback, Engagement Surveys, Strategic and Business Plans. Client invited to provide an overview and environmental context for their organisation. Define the Purpose for the work we will undertake and the Outcomes you want to create. When IAS New Zealand begins working with you, you can expect the following approach.


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Programme or workshop content is delivered through short lectures, individual, pair and team based exercises, practical action based learning, DVD and audio presentations. Our programmes and workshops are structured in their approach and carefully designed to deliver the Outcomes and Key Result Areas desired by the client.