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By: Ias  05-Apr-2012

Brian Martin and Peter Loeffen

"When I learnt the principles of accomplishment, I discovered that what I thought were the primary drivers for me simply weren't, and I saw that many of my frustrations were common in others too. But I also learnt that I should and can control my own destiny." - J.

In this book, our focus is on the approaches you take rather than the actions you undertake. We focus on you as the key person in getting the results you want. We focus your attention onto your understanding of yourself and what you want to accomplish. We take you on a structured walk through the principles of accomplishment, and explore one by one the key mind traps that block accomplishment. We explore the approaches you take to get other people's help, and your behaviours in dealing with those people. We focus on the multiple roles you'll play as the leader ultimately responsible for getting the results you want, and finally we look at how you handle you own success when you "arrive".

Are you ready for this intense focus on yourself? If so, then start by answering this question: What do you really want to accomplish?

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IAS New Zealand Managing Director Terry Patterson and IAS Learning Group Founder Brian Martin announced winners at the AUT Business School Awards held in Auckland on March 16th 2010 at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. The AUT Business School Awards acknowledge the highest achieving students in the Faculty of Business and Law.


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Slowing Down To The Speed of Life - How To Create A More Peaceful, Simpler Life From The Inside Out. J.A. Spirit at Work - Discovering the Spirituality in Leadership. Discovering the Future - The Business of Paradigms. Rockport, MA: Element Books, Inc.