By: Hire Up  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Camera, Window Cleaning, Film Shoots

Banner & Flag Masting

Camera & Lighting Tasks

Signage Access

Tree Felling or Tree Decorating

Survey Photos

Building Maintainence Access

Window Cleaning & Water Blasting

Guttering Access

Ship and Airbus Mantainence

the list goes on..

At Hire Up it is our aim to provide you with access to places that are generally considered difficult to reach. We are specialists in providing access, and take ownership of getting you where you need to be. This allows your team to focus on what they do best, and get the job done - whatever it may be!
We are called upon for a huge variety of access tasks. We regularly erect our booms for use in filming and as camera vehicles for covering such events as sports, or where ever a remote birds eye view is required.We have worked behind the scenes in major film shoots here in New Zealand, and have provided access for equally important international sports events.

Access during construction is obviously a key factor. Often due to the design of a structure, the most safe and efficient way of reaching these places, is to use an elevated platform boom.Due to the 'drive in - drive out' nature of our machinery, we can save you precious time. Often this time saving factor alone can make or break potential contracts or budgets. We are a cost effective answer.
These principles also stand true for such tasks as replacing or fixing overhead lighting, erecting signage, flags or masts and even inspections on large structures. We provide you with the access solution that you need, to complete your job. We have highly skilled staff who take this out of your hands, so that you can focus getting your work done.

Keywords: Camera, Film Shoots, International Sports Events, Window Cleaning