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By: Healthcare Essentials  06-Dec-2011
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Designed with a series of serrations and passive threading cut into the surface, to provide self-retention regardless of the cementation media used. It is provided for dentists not completely comfortable with the total-etch / moist bonding materials & techniques, or dentists who would prefer to use glass ionomer cements with resin core materials.

Your Advantages At-A-Glance

  • Enhanced Micro and Macro retention. The surface roughness has been amplified to further enhance the micro-mechanical attachment to the resin. The macro serrations and anti-rotation design interlock with the cement and core material for increased retention.
  • An Elastic Modulus close to dentin virtually eliminates the potential for clinical root fractures. In contrast, titanium posts are 5 times more rigid than dentin (100GPa), while steel and zirconium posts are 10 times more rigid (200GPa). Rigidity is what predisposes these posts to causing root fractures.
  • Excellent fibre optic translucency - promotes a more complete and deeper stabilization (always use dual cure cement).
  • Fully biocompatible and corrosion-free.
  • 4 color-coded sizes with matching drills to satisfy all anatomical and clinical demands.
  • A-traumatically removable in minutes with the RTD Re-Access Kit.

The Color Illusion

During seating, the post's color disappears when the post reaches the intraoral temperature 37°C, rendering it translucent. Should removal ever be necessary, just remove the crown and spray the post with cold water and the color reappears, making for easy identification of the post's size and location, ensuring preservation of valuable tooth structure during post removal.

Why Choose A Fibre Post Over Metal?

  • Cast metal posts require at least two appointments, involve expensive laboratory fees and promote root fractures
  • Parallel prefabricated metal and fibre posts require more dentin removal and introduce right angles (even greater risk of root fracture)
  • Metal has a high modulus of elasticity (75-200GPa, depending on the alloy). Transfers stress to the apex.
  • Metal posts are difficult to remove and commonly traumatic to the root structure
  • Metal posts are unaesthetic, which is self-limiting
  • Metal has low fatigue resistance, is prone to corrosion and bimetallic galvanic reactions (stainless steel and other base metals)

Keywords: Core Material

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