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Blocked Sewer from H2O Contractors

By: H2O Contractors  07-Jan-2014
Keywords: Cleaning Services, Septic Tank, Drain Unblocking

H2O Contractors Ltd are the preferred provider of drain clearing services to Wellington’s best plumbers and drainlayers due to our experience and extensive range of hydrojetting equipment. Our trucks have high pressure jetting capabilities, long range and a large variety of attachments that can clean, cut and saw obstructions from pipes. Coupled with our mobility and fast response times over the whole Wellington region this makes H2O second to none as great value for money. Our spinning head technology is second to none and very effective reducing time on site. Hydrojetters are extremely efficient and provide many advantages over mechanical cleaning methods such as rodding, plunging and augering. This is especially so where fat, sediment, by products or sewage have solidified in a line. Some of our jetting trucks are designed to allow access to narrow accessways and car parking buildings. They also carry their own water tanks, road safety signage and GPS monitoring systems. Local bodies require separation of stormwater (roof & ground drainage) and foul water drains. This is to ensure the Municipal system is not inundated by excessive flow during rain storms. To reduce the size and cost of treatment infrastructure Councils expend quite a lot of effort trying to reduce cross-connections and damaged pipe infiltration using methods which include CCTV, smoke testing and site surveys. Sewers must connect to a Council main or, in rural areas, a septic tank and/or grey-water system. Stormwater may head to a main, a stream, a road kerb outlet, soak pit or simply fall to ground depending on age of the installation. While blocked stormwater systems have rather obvious signs and symptoms sewers can be more subtle. The common indicators of a blocked sewer system, roughly in order of severity, are: -Slow flushing away of toilet pans -Gurgling sounds from toilet or sinks, showers etc… -Foul smells from vents -Water ingress into basement areas -Overflowing gully traps during heavy use (eg washing machine, dish washer, bath) Everything overflowing and fully blocked toilet pans

Keywords: Blocked Sewer, Cleaning Services, Drain Cleaning, Drain Unblocking, Plumbing Drainage, Septic Tank, Unblock Sewer

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Blocked Stormwater

Stormwater drainage is quite separate from sewer drainage as a legal requirement. Where the stormwater ends up varies with property age and location. Older homes may have soak pits – holes in the ground filled with large rocks or concrete slabs where local ground drainage is suitable. Eventually leaves etc… will block the ability for soakage and the pit will require maintenance.