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By: Grant Robertson  06-Dec-2011

Election archive at Grant Robertson

Labour has released the major planks of our plan to get the economy working for New Zealanders; taking the tough decisions for the long term, keeping assets, addressing the spiralling cost of living, and giving kids the best start in life.

1. Labour will provide an additional 5,000 fees-free training places for 16 and 17 year olds over 3 years, including 1,000 that have a M?ori mentoring element and 1000 with a Pasifika mentoring element. (YOUTH AFFAIRS)

2. Labour will work with the ITO sector to develop a Creative Industries Apprenticeship, as part of the Modern Apprenticeships Scheme. (ARTS, CULTURE and HERITAGE)

3. Labour will amend the Holidays Act to 2008 settings to protect the rights of workers to time  off for rest and recreation and ensure that all NZ workers have access to 11 days off on pay for recognised public holidays, including Anzac and Waitangi Day. (WORKAND WAGES)

4. Labour will invest $75 million over four years in “e-learning? for low-decile schools, with priority going to schools with year 7 -13 students and the capability to deliver an effective programme . This includes Government funding for students to have individual use of a
mobile device. (EDUCATION)

5.Labour will immediately restore $13 million cut from ACE funding to improve access to adult and community education. (TERTIARY EDUCATION)

6. Labour will create a world sanctuary area in the EEZ around the Kermadec Islands by way of giving this area marine reserve status.(CONSERVATION)

7. Labour will therefore direct Solid Energy not to proceed with its liquid fuels lignite mining proposal.(ENVIRONMENT)

8.We will continue to participate in Trans-Pacific Partnership talks but reiterate our commitment to retaining Pharmac in particular as a bottom line item which must not be traded away. We feel similarly strongly about intellectual property provisions. (TRADE)

9. Labour will increase all one-officer Police stations to at least two officer stations. (SAFER SOCIETY)

(and for Clare) 10. Labour will bring the TV broadcasting industry together to establish a consensus for new Technical Delivery Requirements and a unified national standard for (volume on TV Ads) all broadcasters that reflects international best practice. (BROADCASTING)

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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A kick in the pants might sound good, but in the end if we are to actually move people off benefits and into work it requires a constructive, active approach to go with clear rules. The thing that depresses me the most about National’s so-called welfare reforms is that they are fuelled by outdated Tory thinking. For National unemployment is the fault of the unemployed, and if only they pulled their socks up everything would be all right.