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By: Genesis Consulting Group  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Strategic Planning, Electronic Business

Our Innovation stage involves interactive sessions with senior management, focusing on management direction and the strategic planning process.

Thought Leadership & Visioning

Thought Leadership and Visioning is specifically tailored for senior management.  The workshop style sessions relate the concepts and principles of electronic business, relationship management and knowledge management to the goals and broad environment of the business.

The focus is on how electronic business can fundamentally change the approaches to solving modern business problems to the benefit of the organisation.

This high level consulting services provides a structured approach to creating a specific vision to describe the future state of the technology-enabled organisation. It also explores the areas of the business that are likely to benefit from these approaches. This results in the development of a clear statement of management direction as an important input to the strategic planning process. The focus is on management opportunities and issues, as opposed to technical details.

Subject matter typically includes:

  • What is electronic business?
  • The typical business objectives and impacts of electronic business.
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis and the electronic business enablers
  • Determining investment levels, risks and specific issues
  • Standards - what do they mean to a business?
  • Identifying the candidate business areas for electronic business

Executive Development

One of the most important roles of management is to initiate and support the processes of business change. Our Executive Awareness consulting service provides senior executives with a straightforward introduction to the key concepts of electronic business and what needs to be done to take advantage of these new business channels.

Existing business methods or processes may be substantially affected or modified in order to meet strategic organisational goals.  This service addresses the most important business issues to consider when implementing technology-enabled business change projects.

The Executive Awareness service is typically delivered in a workshop format and is an interactive and concise forum for exploring the key concepts of electronic business.  Focus is on the management and business opportunities, rather than the technical aspects.

The major topics covered are:

  • The Business Impact of radically changing business process
  • The potential of electronic interaction to enhance internal (staff) and external (customer & supplier) relationships
  • Identifying the benefits of electronic business
  • What the risks are and how they can be contained
  • Case studies – who has succeeded and why
  • How to put together a Programme – from Vision to Realisation

Information Systems Strategic Planning

It is vital to plan for the strategic impact of technology on the organisation and on the operational and/or competitive environment of the organisation.

Fundamental change to business economics is forcing organisations to reassess their value-proposition to customers, stakeholders and suppliers. This change creates opportunities, risks and potential threats to existing business relationships.

An Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP) covers both a comprehensive statement of strategic intent and a high-level implementation plan with timetables and cost estimates.

A plan for communicating the strategy internally and externally should also either be included in the scope of the ISSP or can be prepared separately.

A Strategic Plan should be developed using a proven methodology and must answer the fundamental questions:

  • Where are we?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How do we get there?

The process includes:

  • Confirmation of purpose, mission, vision, and values statements
  • Structured interviews of key players
  • Workshop(s) with senior management, including examination of relevant case studies
  • Agreeing the critical issues and key opportunities
  • Examining value and value creation
  • Capability assessment – identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Creating an information-centric Vision for the organisation
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation
  • Establishing baselines for measuring success
  • Determining change management approaches
  • Identifying the priorities and the projects
  • Establishing a high-level timetable and budget range
  • Documenting and agreeing the strategic plan

Keywords: Electronic Business, Strategic Planning

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