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By: Gen  06-Dec-2011

Product Overview - Re:Gen


Running a modern dairy farm in New Zealand is big business.  The rewards can be great, but so too are the risks and responsibilities, especially when it comes to effluent management.  Regional councils are enacting ever more stringent consent requirements, and non-compliance poses the genuine risk of hefty fines and damage to your reputation.   Even with the best of intentions, it can be difficult for farmers to be certain that they're compliant 365 days a year, and without a systematic way to monitor factors such as soil moisture and pond levels, compliance can rely more on hunches than on solid information.

Profitability in the global marketplace also relies on maximising farm efficiencies.  Effluent run-off or leaching is not just a pollutant; it also represents wasted nutrients, which increases fertilizer costs and reduces margins.  Likewise, maintaining an over-sized storage pond inflates costs unnecessarily and cuts into farm profits. 

Re:Gen's fully computerised system takes the guesswork out of compliance, and ensures that you maximise your farm's  commercial potential.  It collects, integrates and disseminates all the information you need to help you make the best use of farm resources and to verify, both to regional councils and the public, that you are fully in compliance throughout the year.

Re:Gen monitors the conditions on your farm 24/7 so that you don't have to.  If, for instance, weather conditions change or machinery breaks down and you are at risk of breaching your consent, you will receive an automated alert.  This will allow you to act quickly, reduce the risk of a fine, and minimise environmental impact.

Precision nutrient management Seamless information flow

Many dairy farms have several layers of management, all of whom have a responsibility for ensuring effluent disposal is well managed.  Access to up-to-date information on what is happening on any farm, at any time of day anywhere in the world gives off-farm managers and owners the ability to view the status of key indicators at any time.

Re:Gen is also a highly useful tool for staff management.  Often the staff with responsibility for the day to day operation of the effluent system are young and inexperienced.  The Re:Gen daily text recommendation means they are not required to make any independent assessments or decisions, but can simply follow the clear instructions provided in text alerts.

The Re:Gen system is also fully customisable, allowing owners and managers to segment the flow and format (i.e., web dashboard or text) of information according to the specific needs of their farm. 

Integration with automated irrigator tracker Beyond 'dirty dairying'

Most farmers do their best to manage effluent responsibly, and being painted with the same brush as those who don't can be a costly and aggravating distraction. The Re:Gen system collects continuous and reliable information about your farm, making the task of verifying that you're operating within your consent conditions simple and hassle-free.

The Re:Gen Solution

 Product  Equipment and commissioning  Installation  Service fee
Ultimate $9,700* $950 $1,881 annually or
$165 monthly
Advanced $5,880 $750 $1,539 annually or
$135 monthly
Starter $2,750 $550 $1,129 annually or
$99 monthly

*An additional $500-$1,000 may be required for the mounting and powering of the pond system.  This a site specific costs and an individual quote


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