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By: Fsb  05-Apr-2012

Insurance products are created and supplied by insurance companies to protect individuals, families and business from loss, primarily loss of income of an existing asset – due to some traumatic event either short term or of a permanent nature.Insurance products are available direct from suppliers, through banks, online or from specialist insurance advisers.FSB4 Financial are specialist insurance advisers.FSB4 Financials Points of difference.

  • We do not act as the representative of an insurance company.
  • We use many companies and company products.
  • We research product recommendations through an independent source.
  • We determine levels of cover and premium affordability through mutual agreement.
  • We recommend in writing.

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Whether you are just starting out in your first career, growing a family or business, about to start or in retirement, or have money to invest FSB4 Financial have a plan suited to you. We focus our advice, strategies and plans to enable you to achieve cash control and certainty for your wealth accumulation and asset protection. Review and implement strategies to achieve your desired outcomes.


How we go about it

Travel Insurance- Fire & General Insurance- Business Insurance- Speculative Investment- Total Financial Planning. We request feedback (through our business development programme. Agreement on the most suitable action and implementation. Office follow-up until business has been put in place. A full annual review of your situation at our offices. Review features and benefits of implemented plans. Present a report with written recommendations.