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By: Freight Market  05-Apr-2012
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Shell to receive first shipment in Iraqi port

Publisher: AK News

The Media director of the Iraqi ports announced that Maaqel port in Basra province has established all the facilities required to receive the first shipment from oil equipment companies of Shell operating Company in Aqel Majnoon oil field, north of the province.

Anmar al-Safi told AKnews that Iraq's Transport Ministry has approved the provision of facilities to the oil companies that have been applied today on the arriving shipments to ports in Basra so the transporting ship of these equipment didn't have to wait in Shatt al-Arab, but as other commercial ships, it docked directly on Maaqel pavement, "noting that" the company declares its readiness to help the oil companies in transferring equipments through the Iraqi ports.

It is noteworthy that the ministries of oil and transportation held a joint conference in the twelfth of this month, as they have taken several decisions which require the cooperation of both ministries to increase the Iraqi oil production during the next phase.

Iraq has five ports in Basra province, 550 km south of Baghdad, which are Umm Qasr, port which is one of the most important ports as well as Abu Flus , Khor al-Zubair, Faw, Khor Abdullah and al-Amaya oil ports.

Keywords: Transport

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