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By: First Capital  06-Dec-2011

  • Protect key people and shareholders

    For many businesses in New Zealand, success relies on key people – often the owner/manager. So what happens when that person falls ill or worse, dies?

    Losing a key person through death or illness can be an enormous blow to a business and its shareholders. Ensuring the business’s stability is paramount – which is why it makes good sense to invest in insurance for your key people and shareholders.

    Together we can review your business structure and develop a plan to protect your business should the worst happen. We’ll work with you and your lawyers and accountants to ensure that in the event of a claim proceeds are there to be used as you intended.

  • Asset Protection

    It’s fair to say that at some stage in business the unexpected will happen. It may be a simple power outage causing disruption to business or a major legal case. Whatever the cause, it pays to be prepared and protected.

    It’s a matter of understanding what’s at risk, what needs to be protected and what needs to be done to avoid risk. First Capital Risk will help you protect your business’s assets by finding the best solution for your business. Wherever your business may be at risk, we’ll sort out cover.

  • First Capital Risk will help you protect the things that matter most by sorting out the best insurance solution. We can help with:

  • Life Insurance

    Ensuring you and your loved ones will be financially sound after your death or if you are a struck down by a terminal illness. Life insurance will allow your dependents to pay off debts, cover funeral costs (which can be surprisingly sizeable) or provide ongoing living expenses for your loved ones.

  • Total and Permanent Disability cover

    In the unimaginable situation that you might become totally and permanently disabled, this insurance will pay a lump sum you can use for any purpose. Most people use it to pay off the mortgage or for home alterations that may be required.

  • Income Protection

    If injury or illness should stop you from working, income protection can help you avoid a significant financial loss. Income protection is a good idea as it pays a regular income that could help pay the mortgage, day-to-day bills and help you and your family to maintain a decent standard of living.

  • Trauma Insurance

    This insurance option pays a lump sum if you suffer a heart attack, stroke, cancer or a number of serious illnesses

  • Medical Insurance

    this allows you to choose private medical care at a time and place that suits you, meaning you and your loved ones can get the treatment you need without lengthy waiting times or hefty bills.

  • Asset Protection

    First Capital Risk can help ensure that your home, car, holiday home, investment properties and businesses are safe and sound from any of life’s unexpected events such as fire, burglary or even legal action.

    We’ll set you up with the most suitable insurance for your physical assets and can also organise professional indemnity and liability cover. This means if you’re an independent contractor or self-employed you will be covered against financial loss.

  • You’ll have more money to spend at your next destination with this travel insurance offer from First Capital Risk customers can save at least 15%* on Travel Insurance.

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