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By: Finao  06-Dec-2011

FINAO provides access to specialised IT professionals to assist, or act on behalf of our clients as required, with the following: 

  • Consultancy
  • Infrastructure Architecture and Design
  • IT Project Planning
  • Project Implementation

FINAO’s product is our skill, independence, service and business value. We do not seek to sell hardware or software and as a result we can offer truly independent advice.

Our approach is based on clear communications, having the right skills for the job, and the willingness to be completely honest. Our consultants are specialists in the application of the following technologies;

  • LAN
  • WAN
  • Unix
  • Internet
  • Data and Voice technologies

We apply the most appropriate combination of these technologies to meet your business needs.


FINAO’s independence allows us to provide clients with advice based on business requirements without the influence of vendor or technology bias. We focus on understanding your business requirements and base our advice around these. All too often strategic IT projects are derailed by the lack of clearly defined business requirements.

  • Strategic IT planning
  • IT Architecture development
  • IT Roadmap development
  • Solution evaluations
  • RFI/RFP development and evaluation
  • Infrastructure reviews

Infrastructure Architecture and Design

FINAO can assist in the development of roadmaps to ensure the alignment of ever changing technology to the business requirements of today’s modern organisation. We aim to do this by engaging with both the business and technology arms of the organisation to gain a clear understanding of the business issues and drivers for change and competitive advantage.

A good design is the foundation for the success of your solution. There are two essential phases to the design process, the first being the high-level design which will outline the business problem to be solved and the means by which the solution will address this. The second phase, the detailed design is often overlooked. It is FINAO’s belief that the detailed design must be completed before any hardware is unpacked or code developed. We like to think of the high-level design phase as describing ‘what’ that the solution is and what it is comprised of, whereas the detailed design is required to say ‘how’ the solution is to be built. 

IT Project Planning

The success of any IT project, regardless of the technology or solution, depends on good planning. FINAO have extensive experience of complex projects in which the need for detailed and accurate planning is essential to ensuring real business outcomes are achieved.

 FINAO provides;

  • Project Management
  • Business case development

  • Technical lead 

Project Implementation

FINAO provides project implementation services to our clients across our areas of technology expertise. Project implementation is where the “rubber hits the road”. FINAO have a first class track record of project implementation and successful delivery. We believe our ability to consistently deliver is the key to our survival in a complex and competitive industry.

 FINAO can provide;

  • Project Management services

  • Project technical lead