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By: Finance Brokers  06-Dec-2011

  • Up to 100% of Cost/Purchase on a Stand Alone Basis
  • Residential - up to 100% of Value on a Stand Alone Basis
  • Commercial - Up to 85% of Value on a Stand Alone Basis
  • Capitalised Interest

We can arrange all for your investment in property:

         Commercial - Office, Retail, Bulk Retail

         Residential - Apartments, Investment, Owner Occupied

         Industrial - Factories, Warehouses, Self Storage

         Rural - Drystock, Dairy, Viticulture, Horticulture

         Other - Hotels, Motels, Petrol Stations, Coolstores, Freezing works, Carparks, Bare Land

We arrange facilites for the development of Subdivisions, Apartments, Commercial, Industrial, Residential, and Other. Some characteristics of what can be achieved for funding these projects are:


  • Up to 100%+ of cost

  • Up to 80% of value

  • Capitalised Interest

       Project Advisory

  • By our broad lending experience, we are able to provide guidance and support throughout the development of a project by liaising between the borrower, the lender, and other professional advisors such as valuers, engineers, and quantity surveyors.

        Exit Strategies

  • Lenders always look to how they are going to be repaid. We create structures to achieve this.  Our stuctures enable funding to be provided from the optimal source rather than  having to pay exorbitant rates and fees, and/or in some cases requiring substantial presales and/or onerous terms and conditions.    

We arrange finance for all types of medium sized businesses including Retail, Hospitality, Vineyards, Fishing, etc.

In the initial stages of researching a potential property investment or development project with a client, we are able to assist with in-depth analysis on the proposal to determine its feasability, profitability, and whether there are likely to be any issues with the proposal. 

We can sell your property or business to our extensive contact base and the world at large.

We can source property to suit a clients portfolio

Insure the rent of a property to protect yourself, the landlord, the tenant, and the financier.  Rental guarantee bonds also add capital value to a property and are particularily attractive to overseas buyers.

Secure a property without having to part with cash for the deposit