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By: European Leather Care  06-Dec-2011
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Give your lounge suite or boardroom furniture a makeover.

  • Full Restorations - Cleaning and surface preparations, resurfacing of cracking and worn areas, colour matching and refinishing to original, protective topcoat applications and conditioning.
  • Change of Colour - We can change the colour of your suite to suit your new decor.
  • Panel Replacement - Areas of leather too badly damaged can be replaced with new leather and re-coloured to match.
  • Invisible Repairs - Tears, scuffs and scrapes.
  • Cat Scratches - Cute and cuddly, but some times they leave their mark - Great Results!
  • Cleaning and Conditioning - We'll come to your home or office to clean and condition your leather furniture.
  • Insurance work - Our speciality 'We repair what others say cannot be done.'

We can organise pick up and delivery throughout New Zealand

Automotive & Marine

We offer repair and restoration services for the leather in your car or boat.

  • Partial or full refinishing / re-colouring. (Front seats only or full interior)
  • Resurfacing worn areas (mostly common to drivers seat and bolster panel areas)
  • Invisible repairs to scuffs, scrapes, holes or scratches.
  • Panel replacements (for heavily cracked panels) perfectly colour matched.
  • Change of colour - we can change the colour of your car seats or boat squabs.
  • Valet Service, includes full cleaning and conditioning.
  • Free quotation service

Automotive and Marine environments can be hard work and testing on your leather. They are often in full sun, which will dry out and fade leather, over time.

Most problems can be dealt with in the same manner as leather furniture and will give a real lift to the car or boat interior, adding years to its life, and also to its resale value.


A unique repair, cleaning, restoration and protection service for those who appreciate the highest standards in the care of fine leather garments.

  • Hand cleaning of valuable suede and leather jackets.
  • Stain removal, blood, grease, ink etc.
  • Refinishing / redying - to restore faded leather.
  • Invisible repairs, to rips, scuffs and scratches
  • Reconditioning - dry, faded, scratched and cracked leather can be brought back to life.
  • Mildew treatments - cleaning with an antifungal to prevent reinfestation.
  • Stain and shower proofing - we can protect even delicate leather from staining using the most effective, and safest products available in the world today.
  • Motor cycle leathers repaired

Insurance Work

  • Flood and Fire Damange
  • Storage and delivery Damage
  • Animal damage - Cats, Dogs, Rabbits etc.
  • Motorcycle Gear Restored.

Nationwide service

Articles come to us by courier from everywhere, (all packages are automatically insured to $1,500). This service is inexpensive, fast and safe. We ring each customer and discuss the exact requirements for each article.

For larger items ie. furniture, we will organise a removal company from anywhere in New Zealand.


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Keywords: Automotive and Marine, Furniture, Leather Furniture, Motor Cycle

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