By: Etraction  06-Dec-2011

DEFINE: A Content Management System (also known as a CMS) allows non-technical web users to update content on a website. Editing content is similar to updating a document using a word processor.

Most websites created by etraction use a CMS making ongoing maintenance easier and more cost effective for our customers. The main benefits of using a Content Management System are:

  • Content can be updated by non-technical users
  • Decentralised maintenance by anyone with access to the Internet
  • Grant or restrict access to content to different users
  • The design and layout of the website is automatically maintained on all pages
  • Navigation menus are consistent throughout and are automatically updated as content is changed

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From one-off products, to online vouchers, to complete product catalogues, we can bring together all the necessary ingredients that help make a successful online store, including. Ecommerce is the buying and selling of products or services via electronic systems such as the Internet. Monitoring of sales performance and sales trends.



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