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By: Enoka  05-Apr-2012
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Here is a menu of the services we provide.

This is preparation of annual financial statements. The annual report will comprise of the following statements/schedules:

  • Statement of Financial Performance
  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Statement of Equity
  • Depreciation Schedule

This is the same as for annual reporting except reporting is done on either a monthly or quarterly basis.

This involves preparing a sales and expense budget for the next 12 months business trading. The budget should be monitored against actual figures. For this reason it is best prepared in conjunction with Financial Reporting (Periodic).

Prior to the purchase of any business it is strongly recommended that a review be made of its trading history, the purchaser give proper consideration as to what entity they should trade under, and that the purchaser be familiar with their legal and tax obligations as a result of trading. Your accountant is equipped to assist on these matters.

We can conduct the sale process. As well, we can assist with the steps preparatory to sale so that a maximum return can be achieved.

A cashflow report is a budget of the cash requirements of a business throughout the year. It is a report of the cash flowing in and out of a business. With this knowledge the business owner can make necessary arrangements with its bank or other financial providers.

Companies are required to comply with the Companies Act. We are familiar with these requirements.

We can help with the selection, installation, and maintenance of computerised packages.

We can advise you of the FBT consequences of proposals you intend to make. If required we can prepare your quarterly returns.

We can assist you navigate through the GST legislation and ensure that you properly account for all GST. Initially we will prepare an audit of your current practices. Following this we may recommend that we prepare all your GST Returns.

We can keep a monthly cashbook for you and provide you with monthly profitability reports.

We can incorporate new companies for you. These will have a constitution. We can also have them registered for GST and employment.

We offer a subscription to a “growing your business” newsletter.

Following receipt of your Tax Returns by the Inland Revenue Department they issue a Tax Assessment. We review this to ensure it agrees with your return.

We remind you of your tax payment obligations throughout the year. We will mail to you a remittance slip for you to send to the Inland Revenue Department. These may be based on actual figures or based upon estimates taken from your last filed tax returns.

We can complete these tax returns on your behalf and e-file them directly to the Inland Revenue Department.

Keywords: Financial Reporting, Tax