johanna pierre joins dragonfly science

By: Dragonfly  05-Apr-2012

February 1, 2012

“I have enjoyed the projects I’ve worked on with Edward and Finlay, and am looking forward to joining forces with them”, she says.

Fieldwork off the coast of Wollongong, Australia

Johanna has experience in the protected species area internationally. “Many, if not most of the species we’re working on spend significant amounts of their time out of New Zealand waters, so a wider perspective on the issues is essential. Often, solutions to bycatch issues are applicable worldwide too, and the flow of information and expertise goes both ways.

“The marine science/fisheries community is very small, so to ensure you’re talking to the best people and to stay relevant, you have to maintain strong links offshore.

“During my time at MSI (Ministry of Science and Innovation), I led the development of the science and technology relationship New Zealand has with Asia. That region is growing and changing extremely rapidly, particularly China, and that presents huge opportunities for our scientists. Capturing opportunities for scientists working here but keen to collaborate offshore was very satisfying. Because we are a small country, we have a huge amount to gain by having strong networks with other countries.”

“To me, science-based truth can become obscured in controversial environments, so I tend to favour ‘ripping the band-aid off’ and getting into things.”

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seabird estimation report published

A recent Aquatic Environment and Biodiversity Report, prepared by Dragonfly Science for the Ministry of Fisheries, estimates the number of seabirds captured during commercial fishing in New Zealand waters between 2002–03 and 2008–09. Hierarchical statistical models were used to estimate the total captures of seabirds by trawl and longline methods from the observer data.


making connections japan

Dragonfly has initiated a project called Cloudy Bayes to develop tools for fast Bayesian statistical analysis using processing on the cloud with applications such as Amazon EC, Windows Azure and Wellington-based firm, Green Button. The International Conference on Functional Programming and the Commercial Users of Functional Programming conference both focussed on the technical aspects of programming multi-processor machines.